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    A local gauge invariant infrared regularization of the Yang-Mills theory

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    A local gauge invariant infrared regularization for the Yang-Mills theory is constructed on the basis of a higher derivative formulation of the model.Comment: 7 page

    Summation of diagrams in N=1 supersymmetric electrodynamics, regularized by higher derivatives

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    For the massless N=1supersymmetric electrodynamics, regularized by higher derivatives, the Feynman diagrams, which define the divergent part of the two-point Green function and can not be found from Schwinger-Dyson equations and Ward identities, are partially summed. The result can be written as a special identity for Green functions.Comment: 16 pages, 10 figure

    Decoupling of the longitudinal polarization of the vector field in the massless Higgs-Kibble model

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    It is shown that the three dimensionally longitudinal component of the vector field decouples in the massless limit of nonabelian Higgs model.Comment: 6 pages, no figure

    Consistent noncommutative quantum gauge theories?

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    A new noncommutative model invariant with respect to U(1) gauge group is proposed. The model is free of nonintegrable infrared singularities. Its commutative classical limit describes a free scalar field. Generalization to U(N) models is also considered.Comment: 10 pages, no figures, LaTe

    Solitons in the modified Yang-Mills theory

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    It is shown that pure Yang-Mills theory in the modified formulation admits soliton solutions of classical field equations.Comment: 9 pages, Late

    Phase of a chiral determinant and global SU(2) anomaly

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    A representation for the phase of a chiral determinant in terms of a path integral of a local action is constructed. This representation is used to modify the action of chiral SU(2) fermions removing the global anomaly.Comment: 6 pages, Latex, no figure
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