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    Study of Black Holes with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

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    We evaluate the potential of the ATLAS detector for discovering black holes produced at the LHC, as predicted in models with large extra dimensions where quantum gravity is at the TeV scale. We assume that black holes decay by Hawking evaporation to all Standard Model particles democratically. We comment on the possibility to estimate the Planck scale.Comment: 27 page

    Drell-Yan Production of Z' in the Three-Site Higgsless Model at the LHC

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    In the Higgsless models, there are extra gauge bosons which keep the perturbative unitarity of a longitudinally polarized gauge boson. The three-site Higgsless model is a minimal Higgsless model and contains three extra gauge bosons, W±W^{\prime \pm} and Z'. In this paper, we report the discovery potential of the Z' gauge boson via Drell-Yan production with Z'(mass=380, 500, 600 GeV) WWνqq\rightarrow WW \rightarrow \ell\nu qq (=e\ell=e, μ\mu) at the LHC (s\sqrt{s}=14 TeV).Comment: 7 pages, 5 figures included. References revise