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    Gluon saturation and pseudo-rapidity distributions of charged hadrons at RHIC energy regions

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    We modified the gluon saturation model by rescaling the momentum fraction according to saturation momentum and introduced the Cooper-Frye hydrodynamic evolution to systematically study the pseudo-rapidity distributions of final charged hadrons at different energies and different centralities for Au-Au collisions in relativistic heavy-ion collisions at BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). The features of both gluon saturation and hydrodynamic evolution at different energies and different centralities for Au-Au collisions are investigated in this paper.Comment: 14 pages, 4 figure

    Geochemistry of reduced inorganic sulfur, reactive iron, and organic carbon in fluvial and marine surface sediment in the Laizhou Bay region, China

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    Understanding the geochemical cycling of sulfur in sediments is important because it can have implications for both modern environments (e.g., deterioration of water quality) and interpretation of the ancient past (e.g., sediment C/S ratios can be used as indicators of palaeodepositional environment). This study investigates the geochemical characteristics of sulfur, iron, and organic carbon in fluvial and coastal surface sediments of the Laizhou Bay region, China. A total of 63 sediment samples were taken across the whole Laizhou Bay marine region and the 14 major tidal rivers draining into it. Acid volatile sulfur, chromium (II)-reducible sulfur and elemental sulfur, total organic carbon, and total nitrogen were present in higher concentrations in the fluvial sediment than in the marine sediment of Laizhou Bay. The composition of reduced inorganic sulfur in surface sediments was dominated by acid volatile sulfur and chromium (II)-reducible sulfur. In fluvial sediments, sulfate reduction and formation of reduced inorganic sulfur were controlled by TOC and reactive iron synchronously. High C/S ratios in the marine sediments indicate that the diagenetic processes in Laizhou Bay have been affected by rapid deposition of sediment from the Yellow River in recent decades

    Optimal Beamforming for Physical Layer Security in MISO Wireless Networks

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    A wireless network of multiple transmitter-user pairs overheard by an eavesdropper, where the transmitters are equipped with multiple antennas while the users and eavesdropper are equipped with a single antenna, is considered. At different levels of wireless channel knowledge, the problem of interest is beamforming to optimize the users' quality-of-service (QoS) in terms of their secrecy throughputs or maximize the network's energy efficiency under users' QoS. All these problems are seen as very difficult optimization problems with many nonconvex constraints and nonlinear equality constraints in beamforming vectors. The paper develops path-following computational procedures of low-complexity and rapid convergence for the optimal beamforming solution. Their practicability is demonstrated through numerical examples

    Exploiting latent relevance for relational learning of ubiquitous things

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    With recent advances in radio-frequency identification(RFID), wireless sensor networks, andWeb services, physical things are becoming an integral part of the emerging ubiquitous Web. While this integration offers many exciting opportunities such as efficient supply chains and improved environmental monitoring, it also presents many significant challenges. One such challenge lies in how to classify, discover, and manage ubiquitous things, which is critical for efficient and effective object search, recommendation, and composition. In this paper, we focus on automatically classifying ubiquitous things into manageable semantic category labels by exploiting the information hidden in interactions between users and ubiquitous things. We develop a novel approach to extract latent relevances by building a relational network of ubiquitous things (RNUbiT) where similar things are linked via virtual edges according to their latent relevances. A discriminative learning algorithm is also developed to automatically determine category labels for ubiquitous things. We conducted experiments using real-world data and the experimental results demonstrate the feasibility and validity of our proposed approach.Lina Yao and Quan Z. Shen

    Cloud Armor: a platform for credibility-based trust management of cloud services

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    Trust management of cloud services is emerging as an impor- tant research issue in recent years, which poses signicant challenges because of the highly dynamic, distributed, and non-transparent nature of cloud services. This paper de- scribes Cloud Armor, a platform for credibility-based trust management of cloud services. The platform provides a crawler for automatic cloud services discovery, an adaptive and robust credibility model for measuring the credibility of feedbacks, and a trust-based recommender to recommend the most trustworthy cloud services to users. This paper presents the motivation, system design, implementation, and a demonstration of the Cloud Armor platform.Talal H. Noor, Quan Z. Sheng, Anne H.H. Ngu, Abdullah Alfazi and Jeriel Lawhttp://www.cikm2013.org/cfp.ph

    On the onset of surface condensation: formation and transition mechanisms of condensation mode

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    Financial supports from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51406205), the Beijing Natural Science Foundation (3142021), China Scholarship Council Ph. D studentship and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of the UK through research grant (EP/L001233/1) are acknowledged