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    Supplementary Material for: Expression Changes of Long Noncoding RNA in the Process of Endothelial Cell Activation

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    <i>Background:</i> Endothelial cells have been shown to be in response to a variety of local and systemic stimuli, and are able to transition between quiescent and activated states. Endothelial cell activation is critical for the pathogenesis of various cardiovascular diseases. However, the expression changes of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are still unknown in the process of endothelial cell activation. Thus, this study was aimed to investigate expression changes of lncRNA before and after endothelial cell activation. <i>Materials and Methods:</i> In an experimental model of peripheral venous congestion, endothelial cells were activated and analyzed with Affymetrix HG-U133 plus2.0 microarray. We analyzed these microarray data and reannotated the microarray probes for lncRNA. <i>Results:</i> According to the definition of absolute fold change>2 and p value <0.05, 27 differentially expressed lncRNAs were identified and only 1 lncRNA transcript, ENST00000509256 was down-regualted. Co-expression network of lncRNA and mRNA were constructed to predict function of the dysregulated lncRNA. Gene set enrichment analyses suggested that these ENST00000509256 was associated with many important functions, such as cell-cell signaling and regulation of cell differentiation. <i>Conclusion:</i> Many lncRNAs are dysregulated upon endothelial cell activation and further experiments are needed to identify the potential biological functions of these lncRNAs