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    Discrete Torsion in Perturbative Heterotic String Theory

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    In this paper we analyze discrete torsion in perturbative heterotic string theory. In previous work we have given a purely mathematical explanation of discrete torsion as the choice of orbifold group action on a B field, in the case that d H = 0; in this paper, we perform the analogous calculations in heterotic strings where d H is nonzero.Comment: 15 pages, LaTeX; v2: typos fixe

    Kahler Cone Substructure

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    To define a consistent perturbative geometric heterotic compactification the bundle is required to satisfy a subtle constraint known as ``stability,'' which depends upon the Kahler form. This dependence upon the Kahler form is highly nontrivial---the Kahler cone splits into subcones, with a distinct moduli space of bundles in each subcone---and has long been overlooked by physicists. In this article we describe this behavior and its physical manifestation.Comment: 22 pages (published version

    Notes on certain other (0,2) correlation functions

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    In this paper we shall describe some correlation function computations in perturbative heterotic strings that generalize B model computations. On the (2,2) locus, correlation functions in the B model receive no quantum corrections, but off the (2,2) locus, that can change. Classically, the (0,2) analogue of the B model is equivalent to the previously-discussed (0,2) analogue of the A model, but with the gauge bundle dualized -- our generalization of the A model, also simultaneously generalizes the B model. The A and B analogues sometimes have different regularizations, however, which distinguish them quantum-mechanically. We discuss how properties of the (2,2) B model, such as the lack of quantum corrections, are realized in (0,2) A model language. In an appendix, we also extensively discuss how the Calabi-Yau condition for the closed string B model (uncoupled to topological gravity) can be weakened slightly, a detail which does not seem to have been covered in the literature previously. That weakening also manifests in the description of the (2,2) B model as a (0,2) A model.Comment: 36 pages, LaTeX, no figure

    Notes on Heterotic Compactifications

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    In this technical note we describe a pair of results on heterotic compactifications. First, we give an example demonstrating that the usual statement of the anomaly-freedom constraint for perturbative heterotic compactifications (meaning, matching second Chern characters) is incorrect for compactifications involving torsion-free sheaves. Secondly, we correct errors in the literature regarding the counting of massless particles in heterotic compactifications.Comment: 12 pages, LaTeX, new material on index theory adde
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