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    Search for new physics in Bsμ+μB_s \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^- and BK()μ+μB \rightarrow K^{(*)} \mu^+ \mu^-

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    Transitions of the type bsl+lb \to s l^+ l^- are flavour changing neutral current processes where new physics can enter in competing loop diagrams with respect to the Standard Model contributions. In these decays several observables sensitive to new physics, and where theoretical uncertainties are under control, can be constructed. Particularly interesting are the angular asymmetries in the decay BdKμ+μB_d \to K^* \mu^+ \mu^- and the measurement of the branching fraction of the decays Bs,dμ+μB_{s,d} \to \mu^+ \mu^-. Recent measurements of these observables and the measurement of the isospin asymmetry in the decays BK()μ+μB \to K^{(*)} \mu^+ \mu^- are presented.Comment: Presented at Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP 2012), Hefei, China, May 21-25, 201

    Beyond the Minimal Top Partner Decay

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    Light top partners are the prime sign of naturalness in composite Higgs models. We explore here the possibility of non-standard top partner phenomenology. We show that even in the simplest extension of the minimal composite Higgs model, featuring an extra singlet pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson, the branching ratios of the top partners into standard channels can be significantly altered, with no substantial change in the generated Higgs potential. Together with the variety of possible final states from the decay of the pseudo-scalar singlet, this motivates more extensive analyses in the search for the top partners.Comment: 30 pages, 6 figures, JHEP versio

    Cσ+αC^{\sigma+\alpha} regularity for concave nonlocal fully nonlinear elliptic equations with rough kernels

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    We establish Cσ+αC^{\sigma+\alpha} interior estimates for concave nonlocal fully nonlinear equations of order σ(0,2)\sigma\in(0,2) with rough kernels. Namely, we prove that if uCα(Rn)u\in C^{\alpha}(\mathbb R^n) solves in B1B_1 a concave translation invariant equation with kernels in L0(σ)\mathcal L_0(\sigma), then uu belongs to Cσ+α(B1/2)C^{\sigma+\alpha}(\overline{ B_{1/2}}), with an estimate. More generally, our results allow the equation to depend on xx in a CαC^\alpha fashion. Our method of proof combines a Liouville theorem and a blow-up (compactness) procedure. Due to its flexibility, the same method can be useful in different regularity proofs for nonlocal equations

    Continental visions: Ann Seidman, Reginald H. Green and the economics of African unity in 1960s Ghana

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    Top Quark Compositeness: Feasibility and Implications

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    In models of electroweak symmetry breaking in which the SM fermions get their masses by mixing with composite states, it is natural to expect the top quark to show properties of compositeness. We study the phenomenological viability of having a mostly composite top. The strongest constraints are shown to mainly come from one-loop contributions to the T-parameter. Nevertheless, the presence of light custodial partners weakens these bounds, allowing in certain cases for a high degree of top compositeness. We find regions in the parameter space in which the T-parameter receives moderate positive contributions, favoring the electroweak fit of this type of models. We also study the implications of having a composite top at the LHC, focusing on the process pp-> t\bar t t\bar t (b\bar b) whose cross-section is enhanced at high-energies.Comment: 26 pages, 11 figure


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    In his monumental History of Economic Analysis, Joseph A. Schumpeter calls Serra “the first to compose a scientific treatise … on economic principles and policy.” This working paper, available only hardcopy and upon request, brings the first ever English translation of Antonio Serra’s Breve Trattato. However, the translation is designed to be used in a workshop to take place in Venice in 2007, sponsored by The Other Canon Foundation, which will produce a final English translation of the text for publication.