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    Warts and All: How \u3cem\u3eThe Plattsburgh\u3c/em\u3e should change the way we look at the face of Baltimore Maritime History

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    In 1820 the Plattsburgh was condemned for violating federal anti-slave trade legislation. This little known, rarely cited Supreme Court decision is important, because it pierces the veneer of romanticism that has been allowed to sugar over our recollection of Baltimore\u27s maritime history. The case indicates that some of the most prominent ship owners and captains at the time, including Thomas Sheppard, John N. D\u27Arcy, Henry Didier, and Thomas Boyle, have links to the slave trade. This paper explores the cruel realities of the international slave trade, the ineffective federal laws aimed at prohibiting it, and the efforts by merchants to circumvent federal law in order to make money on the suffering of the innocent

    Japanese Studies in Japan: A View from Hokkaido University’s Modern Japanese Studies Program

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    My Days on the Albatross

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    Navigation and surveying formed a connecting link, as it were, between what was getting to be called the “Old Navy” and what was soon to take shape as a “New Navy.” Seamanship, as an art of special character, was beginning to change its form with the passing of sail power and its supersession by the steam engine; while requiring in its new form no less ability and practiced judgment in the handling of large ships, it offered a diminished field for expertness in craft of only moderate size and speed among officers doing simple watch duty not in company with other ships; and, therefore, it was threatened with a materially lessened regard

    Improved circularly polarized planar-array antenna

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    Slots sitting astride the virtual wall in a multimode wave guide can be used for generation of one component of a circularly polarized beam. There is a high degree of efficiency without the use of a slow-wave structure

    Method for measuring the characteristics of a gas Patent

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    Device for simultaneously determining density, velocity, and temperature of streaming ga

    OP data on CD for mean opacities and radiative accelerations

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    All monochromatic opacity data from the Opacity Project (OP), together with all codes required for the calculation of mean opacities and radiative accelerations for any required chemical mixture, temperature and mass-density, are being put on a 700 Mb CD which will be made generally available. The present paper gives a concise summary of the contents of the CD. More complete documentation will be provided on the CD itself.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, submitted to MNRA