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    Interaction of a cumulus cloud ensemble with the large-scale environment

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    Large-scale modification of the environment by cumulus clouds is discussed in terms of entrainment, detrainment, evaporation, and subsidence. Drying, warming, and condensation by vertical displacement of air are considered as well as budget equations for mass, static energy, water vapor, and liquid water

    Enhancement of in vitro Guayule propagation

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    A method for stimulating in vitro propagation of Guayule from a nutrient medium containing Guayule tissue by adding a substituted trialkyl amine bioinducing agent to the nutrient medium is described. Selective or differentiated propagation of shoots or callus is obtained by varying the amounts of substituted trialky amine present in the nutrient medium. The luxuriant growth provided may be processed for its poly isoprene content or may be transferred to a rooting medium for production of whole plants as identical clones of the original tissue. The method also provides for the production of large numbers of Guayule plants having identical desirable properties such as high polyisoprene levels

    Comment on "Anderson transition in disordered graphene"

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    We comment on a recent letter by Amini et al. (EPL 87, 37002 (2009)) concerning the existence of a mobility edge in disordered graphene.Comment: 3 pages, 3 figure

    The Student-Athlete: Procedural Due Process and Property Right

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    This is an overview of due process rights and how they relate to college athletes. It reviews each right (personage, liberty interest, property interest) with relevant court cases up to the time of publication. The authors concluded, "Yet even when each of these elements is present, courts are inclined to defer to the educational and athletic decision-makers and limit the type of notice and hearing that must be afforded.