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    Mobile Computing and Auto ID Technologies in Supply Chain Event Management - An Agent Based Approach

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    This paper presents the architecture of an agent-based system for Supply Chain Event Management. Auto-ID (= Automatic Identification), mobile and agent technologies are combined within this agentbased system called CoS.MA (Cooperative and Ubiquitous Supply-Network Monitoring Agents) in order to realize permanent tracking & tracing of resources (e.g. products, vehicles) in supply networks and to visualize resource-related key performance measures. Potentials and challenges in realizing supply networks by means of such technologies are discussed. CoS.MA is based on a peer-topeer network architecture. Each member (node) of a supply network will be represented by one CoS.MA agent platform. Mobile agents may migrate between those agent platforms to integrate and to visualize distributed data. An overview of existing agent-based prototypes in Supply Chain Event Management is given to show the state-of-the-art in this emerging research area

    Enhancing Supply Chain Reliability through Agent-Based Supply Chain Event Management

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    Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) is an approach to the monitoring of supply chains. It observes specific events and exceptions in real-time and then alerts managers if problems occur. This paper presents an architecture for an SCEM system based on intelligent software agents, Auto-ID technologies and mobile user interfaces. The motivation for this approach is to enhance existing SCEM solutions by exploiting up-to-date technologies. It delegates the task of automated problem solving when disruptions in supply chains occur to software agents

    A Web Services Façade for an Open Source ERP System

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