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    Deformations of chiral algebras and quantum cohomology of toric varieties

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    We reproduce the quantum cohomology of toric varieties (and of some hypersurfaces in projective spaces) as the cohomology of certain vertex algebras with differential. The deformation technique allows us to compute the cohomology of the chiral de Rham complex over the projective space.Comment: we use the deformation technique from the earlier version of this note to compute the cohomology of the chiral de Rham complex over the projective space; the two new results, Theorems 2.5A and B, are explained in sect. 2.

    On algebraic equations satisfied by hypergeometric correlators in WZW models. II

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    We give an explicit description of "bundles of conformal blocks" in Wess-Zumino-Witten models of Conformal field theory and prove that integral representations of Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations constructed earlier by the second and third authors are in fact sections of these bundles.Comment: 32 pp., amslate

    Local systems over complements of hyperplanes and the Kac-Kazhdan conditions for singular vectors

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    In this note we strenghten a theorem by Esnault-Schechtman-Viehweg which states that one can compute the cohomology of a complement of hyperplanes in a complex affine space with coefficients in a local system using only logarithmic global differential forms, provided certain "Aomoto non-resonance conditions" for monodromies are fulfilled at some "edges" (intersections of hyperplanes). We prove that it is enough to check these conditions on a smaller subset of edges. We show that for certain known one dimensional local systems over configuration spaces of points in a projective line defined by a root system and a finite set of affine weights (these local systems arise in the geometric study of Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov differential equations), the Aomoto resonance conditions at non-diagonal edges coincide with Kac-Kazhdan conditions of reducibility of Verma modules over affine Lie algebras.Comment: 10 pages, latex. A small error and a title in the bibliography are correcte

    BGG resolutions via configuration spaces

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    We study the blow-ups of configuration spaces. These spaces have a structure of what we call an Orlik-Solomon manifold; it allows us to compute the intersection cohomology of certain flat connections with logarithmic singularities using some Aomoto type complexes of logarithmic forms. Using this construction we realize geometrically the sl_2 Bernstein - Gelfand - Gelfand resolution as an Aomoto complex.Comment: Latex, 19 page
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