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    Interregional propagation of inflationary shocks

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    Persistent unemployment and long run growth

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    Macroeconomic Models;macro-economische modellen

    Social Capital and Regional Economic Growth

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    We study a cross-section of 54 European regions in the period 1950-1998.The central question is whether social capital, in the form of generalized trust and associational activity, is related to regional differences in economic growth. Based on extensive robustness tests, we present evidence that Fukuyama's (1995) argument on trust does not hold and that Putnam's (1993) thesis on group membership in Italian regions can be generalized.Our analysis suggests that it is not only the mere existence of network relationships that stimulates regional economic growth, but also the level of actual involvement in these relationships.networks;regional development;social capital;trust

    Toward a Unified Europe? Explaining Cultural Differences by Economic Development, Cultural Heritage and Historical Shocks

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    Economic development is linked with systematic changes in basic values, but cultural change is path dependent.This is known as Inglehart's thesis.In this paper we build on his thesis and try to explain value differences across European regions.This is relevant as it fits in the ongoing discussion of a 'Europe of the regions'.We find confirmation of Inglehart's thesis.New however, is our finding that historical shocks like the collapse of the Soviet Union marking the 'end of history' can influence this path dependent process.Moreover, we illustrate that convergence of values into a 'single European value landscape' takes a very long period, if it would occur anyway.European integration;culture;development;history

    On superimposed recurrent cycles

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