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    Rhodium-Catalyzed Alkenylation of C–H Bonds in Aromatic Amides with Alkynes

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    The rhodium-catalyzed alkenylation of C–H bonds of aromatic amides with alkynes is reported. A variety of functional groups, including OMe, OAc, Br, Cl, and even NO<sub>2</sub>, are applicable to this reaction to give the corresponding hydroarylation products. The presence of an 8-aminoquinoline group as the directing group is crucial for the success of the reaction

    Cobalt(II)-Catalyzed Acyloxylation of C–H Bonds in Aromatic Amides with Carboxylic Acids

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    The cobalt­(II)-catalyzed acyloxylation of C–H bonds in aromatic amides containing an 8-aminoquinoline moiety as the directing group with carboxylic acids is reported. Various carboxylic acids including aromatic and aliphatic carboxylic acids are applicable to the reaction. The reaction displays a broad substrate scope and high functional group tolerance. The reaction is carried out under air