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    Surface distribution of Bsp in <i>S.</i><i>agalactiae</i> NEM316 and derivatives.

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    <p>Bacteria were harvested in exponential phase (OD<sub>600</sub>β€Š=β€Š0.3) and labeled with DAPI (blue) plus rabbit anti-Bsp pAb (green). The bacterial strains studied were: NEM316 (WT) (positive control); NEM316Ξ”<i>bsp</i>/pTCV-erm without insert (negative control); NEM316Ξ”<i>bsp</i>/pTCV-<i>erm</i> expressing recombinant Bsp with the signal peptide of CspA, Alp2, PilB, or Gbs0791. Data are representative of three independent experiments.</p

    Conventional immunofluorescence microscopy showing localization of SecA in the non-capsulated mutant Ξ”<i>cpsE</i> compared to the parental WT NEM316.

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    <p>(A) Immunofluorescence microscopy of bacteria harvested in mid-exponential phase and visualized with fluorescent vancomycin (green) or plus rabbit anti-SecA pAb (red). Note that SecA is more concentrated in the constricting septa and its neighboring region in a pattern very similar to that reported for the non-capsulated strain of <i>S. pneumoniae </i><a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0065832#pone.0065832-Tsui1" target="_blank">[31]</a>. (B) Immunofluorescence of bacteria harvested in mid-exponential phase and visualized with rabbit pAb against Bsp and PilB.</p

    Surface localization of SrtA and unrelated cell wall-anchored proteins in <i>S.</i><i>agalactiae</i> NEM316.

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    <p>(A, B) Bacteria harvested in exponential phase (OD<sub>600</sub>β€Š=β€Š0.3) were labeled with (A) DAPI (blue) or guinea pig anti-SrtA pAb (green) and (B) with rabbit pAb against PilB, Gbs0791, Alp2, or CspA (red).</p