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    Aortic aneurysm and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Marfan syndrome

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    The combination of Marfan syndrome with lymphoma is extremely rare. This report describes a case of Marfan syndrome who presented with chest discomfort and was diagnosed to have an aortic aneurysm and an additional incidental mediastinal mass that on further investigation turned out to be a diffuse large B cell lymphoma. We have suggested a hypothesis which can explain the occurrence of lymphoma in Marfan syndrome

    On the investigation of electroanaesthesia in Labeo rohita under DC and PDC electric field

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    This study investigates electroanaesthesia under Direct Current (DC) and three low frequency Pulsed Direct current (PDC) of 1 Hz, 3 Hz and 6 Hz in Labeo rohita. All the current types in this study were effective in anaesthetizing L. rohita with fast induction and rapid recovery period in all fishes. The threshold value of voltage gradient (V cm–1) for inducing anaesthesia was higher in DC than PDCs. Opercular movements were significantly lower during anaesthesia, significantly higher one minute after recovery in all current types and reduced significantly in DC, PDC 1 Hz and PDC 3 Hz after 10 min of recovery from anaesthesia. Blood glucose level returned to the near control values after 8 hours of exposure in all current types in this study. DC sharp rise and PDC 3Hz may be preferred for inducing anaesthesia considering the recommended criteria of anaesthetic induction and recovery time. Result of this study indicates that electroanaesthesia technique with fast induction and rapid recovery may proffer a cost effective, safe and ecofriendly alternative for aquaculture activities in L. rohita

    Free fatty acids regulating action of Capparis decidua fruit on dyslipidemia in rats

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    Capparis decidua belongs to family Capparidaceae in wastelands of India. The study aim was to determine the role of C. decidua fruits on the free fatty acids (FFA) profile in fat-rich diet (FRD) dyslipidemic rats. The methanolic extract of edible fruit of C. decidua (CD) was given orally to obese dyslipidemic rats at the dose of 125 mg/kg and 250 mg/kg for consecutive 28 days. CD treatment in FRD rats significantly restricts the body weight gains. Blood lipid profile was altered dose dependently and significantly after 4-week treatment with CD to FRD. rats. It significantly (p<0.05) enhanced serum FFA especially, g-linolinate, a-linolinate, arachidonate, ecosapentaenoate, docosapentaenoate and docosahexaenoate. Moreover, w3-PUFA content was also enhanced (50.3% and 78.8%) in the serum of CD treated animals, whereas MUFA was lowered (31.1% and 40%). Therefore, Capparis decidua fruit has a promising role on dyslipidemia and obesity and has the capabilities to regulate beneficial free fatty acids.

    Dissolution rates of various brands of proton pump inhibitors in combination with domperidone: an in vitro study

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    Background: Drug solubility, bioavailability, and dissolution rates are important in establishing in vivo efficacy. Eight brands of domperidone proton pump inhibitor combination drugs were compared to enable physicians to take an informed decision regarding the dissolution rates of various domperidone-PPI combinations available in the Indian market to allow identification and prescription of the drug with better bioavailability. Methods: The in vitro dissolution rate of a combination of domperidone-PPI drugs was measured using the United States Pharmacopeia dissolution paddle apparatus. Each flask of the dissolving testing apparatus contained one tablet and 900 mL of the media, which was dissolved in pure water with 1% Tween® stored at 37.4°C. At regular intervals, aliquots were removed, filtered, and the amount of drug released was measured. The cumulative drug release was calculated using a standard formula. Results: P04 and P07 had the fastest and the slowest onsets of action, respectively. P01 (Omez DSR) and P08 exhibited the longest and the shortest durations of action, respectively. The P05, P06, and P08 formulations had greater particulate matter than the other formulations. Under in vitro conditions, the bioavailability of Omez DSR was nearly two-fold higher than P07 and five-fold higher than P08. Conclusions: Although P04 exhibited the fastest onset of action, Omez DSR had the longest duration of action, superior bioavailability, and ensured the rapid and continuous release of domperidone. Omez DSR demonstrated superior properties compared with other brands

    Phase transformation, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of 304L Austenitic Stainless Steel Rolled at Room and Cryo Temperatures

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    The present work investigates the effect of rolling (90% thickness reduction) on phase transformation, mechanical properties, and corrosion behaviour of 304L-austenitic stainless steel through cryorolling and room temperature rolling. The processed steel sheets were characterised through X-ray diffraction (XRD), electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD), and vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM). The analysis of XRD patterns, EBSD scan, and vibrating sample magnetometer results confirmed the transformation of the austenitic phase to the martensitic phase during rolling. Cryorolling resulted in improved tensile strength and microhardness of 1808 MPa and 538 VHN, respectively, as compared to 1566 MPa and 504 VHN for room temperature rolling. The enhancement in properties of cryorolled steel is attributed to its higher dislocation density compared to room temperature rolled steel. The corrosion behaviour was assessed via linear polarisation corrosion tests. Corrosion resistance was found to decrease with increasing rolling reduction in both room temperature rolled and cryorolled specimens

    Zaciskające zapalenie osierdzia imitujące ciężką restenozę zastawki mitralnej u chorego po leczeniu chirurgicznym choroby reumatycznej serca

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    Pericardial constriction is a rare, but well documented complication following cardiac surgery. It has been reported following coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), cardiac surgery for congenital heart diseases and very rarely following closed mitral commissurotomy. We hereby report a case of chronic constrictive pericarditis following closed mitral commissurotomy mimicking mitral restenosis with refractory heart failure