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    Development Communication Report

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    A review of Development Communication Report, Heddy Reid, editor

    ‘Tribes TLC’: Teacher education students’ perceptions

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    Tribes TLC is a process rather than a programme per se that aims to facilitate interactive learning and assist in the engendering of a positive classroom climate. Devised in the USA and imported into a number of contexts internationally, uptake in Australia has been considerable. Thirty second and third year Bachelor of Education students undertook the training hosted by Cooloongalup Primary School prior to participating in a ten week practicum. Data pertaining to the Tribes TLC resource was collected prior to the training phase, post training, and at the conclusion of the practicum. This paper reports the perceptions of students regarding the nature of Tribes TLC as a resource, their participation in the training, and the value of Tribes training for practicum purposes. Further, insights gleaned regarding the transportability of the resource into other international Teacher Education contexts are discussed

    Sciphers; Strategies for Improving Visual Learning: A Handbook for the Effective Selection, Design, and Use of Visualized Materials

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    Reviews of Sciphers, Science Writing Educators Group, Sharon Dunwoody, and Joye Patterson; and, Strategies for Improving Visual Learning: A Handbook for the Effective Selection, Design, and Use of Visualized Materials, by Francis M. Dwyer

    Communication Responsibilities of the International Agricultural Research Centers; Designing a Program Viewers Remember; Get the Facts, Not the Chicken: How to Use and Instructional Film; Precision Journalism; News Writing

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    Reviews of Communication Responsibilities of the International Agricultural Research Centers, published by Agricultural Developmenl Council, Inc., and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI); Designing a Program Viewers Remember, by Gary A. Witt; and Get the Facts, Not the Chicken: How to Use and Instructional Film, by Gary A. Witt; Precision Journalism, by Phillip Meyer; and News Writing\u3c,em\u3e, by George A. Hough III

    Creating a videotape for instruction

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    "1/86/2M""Videotape provides some distinct advantages over other electronic media. The equipment has become more portable, easier for the non-technically trained person to use, and very cost effective when compared to 16mm film production. Creating a worthwhile instructional videotape is a time-consuming challenge. However, its proven effectiveness in teaching, plus other production advantages, make it worth the planning and production time. An hour-long lecture by a teacher can be shortened to about forty minutes on videotape, without loss of content or meaning. Time saved can be used for review, questions or discussions. The video version doesn't 'forget' key points or get side-tracked. An instructional video is often better understood by the learner who can review confusing segments right away. CAUTION: a poor lecture will not magically become better just because it is videotaped. Proper planning is vital to a quality instructional videotape. This guide is for non-technically trained persons working alone or with professionals."--First page.Judith A. Wells, Annette C. Sanders, and David H. Trinklei

    The challenge of defining wellbeing

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    Wellbeing is a growing area of research, yet the question of how it should be defined remains unanswered. This multi-disciplinary review explores past attempts to define wellbeing and provides an overview of the main theoretical perspectives, from the work of Aristotle to the present day. The article argues that many attempts at expressing its nature have focused purely on dimensions of wellbeing, rather than on definition. Among these theoretical perspectives, we highlight the pertinence of dynamic equilibrium theory of wellbeing (Headey & Wearing, 1989), the effect of life challenges on homeostasis (Cummins, 2010) and the lifespan model of development (Hendry & Kloep, 2002). Consequently, we conclude that it would be appropriate for a new definition of wellbeing to centre on a state of equilibrium or balance that can be affected by life events or challenges. The article closes by proposing this new definition, which we believe to be simple, universal in application, optimistic and a basis for measurement. This definition conveys the multi-faceted nature of wellbeing and can help individuals and policy makers move forward in their understanding of this popular term

    Farm Broadcasting--The First Sixty Years; Agri Marketing; Public Service Utilization by Texas Radio Stations ; Enjoyment and information Gain in Science Articles ; Choose the right color for your Learning Style. ; Instant Speaking Course

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    Reviews of Farm Broadcasting--The First Sixty Years, by John C. Baker ; Agri Marketing; Public Service Utilization by Texas Radio Stations, by W. Bryant Boutwell; Enjoyment and information Gain in Science Articles, by Alan Hunsaker; Choose the Right Color for Your Learning Style, by Esther R. Sinofsky and Frederick G. Knirk; Instant Speaking Course, by B. Lauren Lillis

    Triple P (Positive Parenting Program): theoretischer und empirischer Hintergrund und erste Erfahrungen im deutschsprachigen Raum

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    'Dieser Artikel stellt die theoretischen, empirischen und klinischen Grundlagen eines mehrstufigen erziehungs- und familienunterstützenden Präventionsprogramms (Triple P: Positive Pa-renting Program) dar, welches die Förderung elterlicher Erziehungskompetenzen und die Reduktion von Verhaltensproblemen und emotionalen Störungen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen zum Ziel hat. Der Beitrag stellt die einzelnen Interventionsmethoden, Trainingselemente, Formen von Triple P und dessen Neuerungen sowie insbesondere die Verbreitung und Implementierung des Elterngruppenprogramms in Deutschland und der Schweiz dar. Die empirischen Belege zur Wirksamkeit des Programms aus Australien sowie aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum werden resümiert und Schlussfolgerungen für die Untersuchung der weiteren Verbreitung des Programms dargestellt.' (Autorenreferat)'This article reviews the theoretical and empirical background of Triple P (Positive Parenting Program). The aims of this prevention program as well as the different techniques that are used in order to help parents to improve their educational skills are presented. One main focus of this article is to draw the development of Triple P, its features and specifically its implementation in Europe. It is shown, how Triple P is disseminated in Germany and Switzerland and how parents rate their satisfaction and acceptance of Triple P in these two countries.' (author's abstract

    Mental health and quality of life outcomes of gender-affirming surgery: A systematic literature review

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    Introduction: Transgender individuals experience disproportionately higher rates of mental health concerns and lower quality of life (QoL) than the general population. Gender-affirming healthcare can reduce negative mental health outcomes and improve QoL. This review explores the mental health and QoL outcomes to accessing gender-affirming surgery for transgender individuals. Method: Following the PRISMA guidelines, searches were conducted using five databases for peer-reviewed articles, in English, with full-text available online published between January 2000 and August 2021. Result: 53 studies were included. Findings indicate reduced rates of suicide attempts, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of gender dysphoria along with higher levels of life satisfaction, happiness and QoL after gender-affirming surgery. Some studies reported that initial QoL improvements post gender-affirming surgery were not always enduring. Conclusion: This review supports the need for more sustainable and accessible gender-affirming surgery as a means for improving the mental health and overall QoL among transgender individuals and indicates the need for further research with greater methodological rigor focusing on correlates of positive gender-affirming surgical outcomes. Without social, legal, and public policy responses to transgender discrimination, marginalization and exclusion, the beneficial outcomes of improved gender-affirming surgery will remain unclear
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