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    On the Sensitivity of Massive Star Nucleosynthesis and Evolution to Solar Abundances and to Uncertainties in Helium Burning Reaction Rates

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    We explore the dependence of pre-supernova evolution and supernova nucleosynthesis yields on the uncertainties in helium burning reaction rates. Using the revised solar abundances of Lodders (2003) for the initial stellar composition, instead of those of Anders & Grevesse (1989), changes the supernova yields and limits the constraints that those yields place on the 12C(a,g)16O reaction rate. The production factors of medium-weight elements (A = 16-40) were found to be in reasonable agreement with observed solar ratios within the current experimental uncertainties in the triple alpha reaction rate. Simultaneous variations by the same amount in both reaction rates or in either of them separately, however, can induce significant changes in the central 12C abundance at core carbon ignition and in the mass of the supernova remnant. It therefore remains important to have experimental determinations of the helium burning rates so that their ratio and absolute values are known with an accuracy of 10% or better.Comment: Accepted for publication by the Astrophysical Journa

    Editorial: Physical Review C in its Fortieth Year

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    This year, 2010, is the 40th anniversary of Physical Review C as a separate section of the Physical Review. We write here with a double purpose: first, to describe how PRC has evolved and to explore how this evolution has reflected changes in the research style and interests of scientists working in nuclear physics; and second, to solicit suggestions for improvements that will help guide PRC's future evolution.Comment: Corrected typ