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    Experimental investigation on the uniqueness of a center of a body

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    The object of our investigation is a point that gives the maximum value of a potential with a strictly decreasing radially symmetric kernel. It defines a center of a body in Rm. When we choose the Riesz kernel or the Poisson kernel as the kernel, such centers are called a radial center or an illuminating center, respectively. The existence of a center is easily shown but the uniqueness does not always hold. Sufficient conditions of the uniqueness of a center have been studied by some researchers. The main results in this paper are some new sufficient conditions for the uniqueness of a center of a body.Comment: 17 pages, 22 figure

    On multiple zeta values of extremal height

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    We give three identities involving multiple zeta values of height one and of maximal height; an explicit formula for the height-one multiple zeta values, a regularized sum formula, and a sum formula for the multiple zeta values of maximal height.Comment: 8 page