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    Lattice Simulations and Effective Theories

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    I present a brief introduction to the lattice formulation of quantum field theory, and discuss the use of lattice simulations for studies in particle physics phenomenology. The computation of fBf_B, the decay constant of the BB-meson, is used as a case study. I also explain the appearance and cancellation of ``renormalons'' in the evaluation of power corrections (higher-twist corrections) in hard scattering and decay processes.Comment: Lectures presented at the Advanced School on Effective Theories, Almunecar, Spain, June 1995. 32 pages, uuencoded file containing latex source, axodraw.sty, sprocl.sty flies, and 6 figure

    Computing the Slope of the Isgur-Wise Function

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    We propose a method for evaluating the slope (and higher derivatives) of the Isgur-Wise function at the zero recoil point using lattice simulations. These derivatives are required for the extrapolation of the experimental data for B→D∗lνˉB\rightarrow D^*l\bar\nu decays to the zero recoil point, from which the VcbV_{cb} element of the CKM-matrix can be determined.Comment: Latex File Southampton Preprint 93/94-07; Rome Preprint 93/98
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