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    Actual Studies Expansion of Improving Services: Access and Equity in Early Childhood Education (Ecd)

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    This study is to analyze and formulate policies and realistic conditional optimization in order to improve equity of access and equity expansion of early childhood education services. The purpose of this study is to describe: (1) the condition of expansion of access services Childhood Education in Pacitan, (2) equity services Childhood Education in Pacitan, (3) the drivers and inhibitors that influence the expansion of access and equity of service Education Childhood in Pacitan, and (4) to recommend strategies (policies) that could be considered in the context of expanding access and equity in Early Childhood Education services in Pacitan, East Java. Methods of collecting and processing / analysis of the data used is descriptive triangulation- method. The analysis of the assessment of actual on increasing the expansion of access and equity of education services a child early (ECD) mentioned above, it can be concluded that: (1) Judging from a study of actual on increasing the expansion of access rules / regulations and linkages with other institutions / departments / agencies Another quite satisfactory (98%), meaning that there has been a tangle of functional coordination among agencies involved in supporting of existent kindergarten / early childhood. But in terms of availability / supporting facilities and infrastructure that already over half (67%) driven by the school committee, the hamlets and villages, and related agencies. The support is in the form of building aid, APE (97%), and furniture (67%). About the initiation society is quite high (98%), but in terms of a sense of ownership and take responsibility is still very poor, 90% of citizens still find it hard to pay tuition fees, and (2) From the equalization of educational services children early (ECD) that most of the organizers kindergarten / early childhood has bagged operating licenses (98%). It is also seen a lot of ease in handling licensing for prospective organizers. While the equalization mechanism of early childhood services is through the empowerment of community leaders and village cadres and related agencies (68%). Service forms of early childhood education is to coordinate the various parties, including by head hamlet (42%), village heads (97%), UPT TK-SD ((88%), and the Department of State as many (97%). The criteria of service of public initiatives is still low (54%), but the government instructions may be quite good (67%). While the form of community participation is still low (41%). Award (reward) is still low, at around 41%. However, the contribution of the school committee high enough in the form of aid that are instantaneous (91%). The problem of rights, there are still many children who have not been fortunate to get the rights of educational services kindergarten / early childhood education (58%), the obligation was as big enough (75%), while the responsibility responsibilities of the parties involved is quite high (95%), and the conformity between the access and equity of services is still at the top enough (65%)

    Permintaan Beras Kepala di Kota Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara

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    Since 2000, the agribusiness of super rice in Kendari city has progress. Severalstore and supermarket sell the super rice. There are many kind of super rice suppliedfrom rice milling firm of near Kendari city especially from Konawe district, thearomatic super rice and non aromatic super rice. Related the condition, implemented theresearch, objectives is to know the factors which influences to super rice demand inKendari city. The research implemented on several store which sell the super rice inKendari city on December 2003. Researh method on the reasearh is survey to gatherprimary data on super rice marketing and collecting relevance data on governmentinstitutions. The research result indicated that the demand of aromatic super riceinfluenced by variabel : population income, and other rice price. Population incomesignificantly influence of demand, it is showed 3,57. The other rice price significantlyinfluenced to aromatic super rice rice demand it is showed 9,23. The total populationsignificantly influenced to non aromatic super rice demand it is showed 2,14. The otherrice influenced to non aromatic super rice demand it is showed 3,61. The result ofresearch suggested to super rice producent that consument more like to choose thepackage with volume 5 kg than bigger package

    Struktur Mikro Las Baja C-Mn Hasil Pengelasan Busur Terendam Dengan Variasi Masukan Panas

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    This research aims to study the effect of heat input of submerged arc welding on the microstructure of weld metal made from C-Mn steel. The study focused on the formation of acicular ferrite which could improve weld mechanical properties. The welding process was carried out using various heat inputs, i.e. 3.99 kJ/mm, 3.19 kJ/mm, 2.12 kJ/mm, and 1.77 kJ/mm. Microstructural examinations were performed using optical microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM). Results show that the weld metal welded with heat input 2.12 kJ/mm produces more acicular ferrite than grain boundary and Widmanstatten ferrite. It is evident that this acicular ferrite nucleates on inclusions in the forms of SiO2, TiO, and Al2O3

    Seni dalam Bingkai Budaya Mitis: Nilai Life Force dan Transformasinya ke Budaya Ontologis

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    Tulisan ini bertujuan merumuskan teori transformasi nilai-nilai life force dalam seni dari ranah budaya mitis ke budaya ontologis.Γ‚ Kehadiran teori ini cukup penting karena dapat menjadi salah satu sarana mengkaji seni masa lampau kaitannya dengan seni masa kini, serta pijakan ilmiah penciptaan karya seni masa kini yang berbasis nilai-nilai budaya masa lampau. Objek material yang dikaji adalah tokoh Petruk dalam wayang kulit purwa. Metode telaah yang digunakan untuk kepentingan tersebut adalah conceptual approach. Hasil kajian menunjukkan, bahwa transformasi nilai-nilai life force dalam seni dari ranah budaya mitis ke budaya ontologis dapat dilakukan jika kreator mampu menemukan, menginterpretasi, dan mengejawantahkan nilai- nilai tersebut ke dalam karya seni masa kini dengan memperhatikan tiga dasar penciptaan seni, yakni: isi, bentuk, dan penyajian karya yang kontekstual

    Mengembangkan Agribisnis Skala Rumah Tangga Yang Ramah Lingkungan Pada Lahan Gambut Melalui Usahatani Tanaman Sagu

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    Sago (Metroxylon spp.) is one of the palmae family plants that produce starch, which grows naturally especially in lowland or swamp areas with abundant water sources. The more wet of the the soil, sago plants will grow even more fertile. This study aims to analize the technical viability and economic feasibility of sago cultivation on peatlands. The study is based on secondary data and information from various literatures. Technical feasibility is described descriptively on the technical cultivation of sago on peatlands, whereas economic feasibility is measured by NPV, B/C Ratio, IRR and Payback Period values. The results of the study indicate that in accordance with its characteristics as a crop in the swamp ecosystem, technically sago plant is suitable to be cultivated on peatlands. The potential for sago production can reach 20-40 tons of dried starch/ha per year. Economically, the result of feasibility analysis shows that sago cultivation is feasible to be cultivated, that is with NPV value of Rp 284,969.03; B/C Ratio of 4.84; IRR of 31.31% and the return on capital (Payback Period) in the 10th year, or the second year after the plant produces

    Identifikasi dan Potensi Ekonomi Pengembangan Komoditas Tanaman Pangan Unggulan dan Potensial di Kabupaten Wonosobo

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    The purpose of this study are to identify food crops that have competitive and comparative advantages in each district in Wonosobo regency, identifying superior food crops and the potential to be developed in each district in Wonosobo regency, and the agricultural sector development planning of food crops sub-sector in Wonosobo regency. Analysis of the first stage is the Location Quotient / LQ and shift share analysis, will determine the direction of development of each food crops namely the determination of center area of production and processing industry. The implemented in 2010 with the results achieved from this research are: 1). Identifying food crops that have competitive and comparative advantages in each district in Wonosobo regency. 2). Identify the leading food crops with the potential to be developed in each district in Wonosobo regency. 3). To plan the development of the agricultural sector of food crops subsector in Wonosobo regency map-based geographic information systems, especially in the area ROJONOTO (Kaliwiro, Sukoharjo, Leksono, Selomerto) and other districts

    Analisis Kausalitas dengan Pendekatan Error Correction Model: Studi Empiris Hutang Luar Negeri dengan Defisit Anggaran APBN di Indonesia (1990.1 – 2006.4)

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    Indonesia needs enough number of funds. Actually, there are two kinds of the fund sources : the domectic funds and foreign funds. In Indonesia the number of of domestic funds is often smaller than that is needed, so forcing to search for alternative fund sources, that is, foreign loan. Foreign loan haves big risk. The inflow of foreign loan will incrase money incirculation, so that it can trigger inflation. On the other hand, it is obligation to pay in installment of the principal loan and its interest. This is a problem, that annually always burdens the Indonesian budget. The economic situation in Indonesia more difficult for the future. Actually from year to year, the fund need in a country is increasingly bigger. From this background, it is interesting to study how causality correlation pattern between foreign loan and budget deficit. The result of this research showed that there are two-way causality correlations with error correction model (ECM), namedly, foreign loan influences budget deficit and budget deficit influences foreign loan
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