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    Generalized Bekenstein-Hawking system: Logarithmic Correction

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    The present work is a generalization of the recent work [arXiv: 1206.1420] on the modified Hawking temperature on the event horizon. Here the Hawking temperature is generalized by multiplying the modified Hawking temperature by a variable parameter \alpha representing the ratio of the growth rate of the apparent horizon to the event horizon. It is found that both the first and the generalized second law of thermodynamics are valid on the event horizon for any fluid distribution. Subsequently, Bekenstein entropy is modified on the event horizon and thermodynamical laws are examined. Finally, interpretation of the parameters involved has been presented.Comment: 10 page

    Is Emergent Universe a Consequence of Particle Creation Process?

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    A model of an emergent universe is formulated using the mechanism of particle creation. Here the universe is considered as a non-equilibrium thermodynamical system with dissipation due to particle creation mechanism. The universe is chosen as spatially flat FRW space-time and the cosmic substratum is chosen as perfect fluid with barotropic equation of state. Both first and second order deviations from equilibrium prescription is considered and it is found that the scenario of emergent universe is possible in both the cases.Comment: 6 pages, Accepted for Publication in Physics Letters