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    Glyphosate is occasionally detected as water contaminants in agriculture areas where the herbicide is used extensively. The removal of glyphosate in synthetic solution using advanced oxidation process (AOP) is a possible approach for remediation of contaminated waters. Here, the ability of anodic oxidation for the degradation and mineralisation of glyphosate herbicide was investigated using Ti/PbO2 anode in batch mode. The experimental results provided that the current intensity, treatment time, pH and initial concentration are the influent parameters on the glyphosate degradation. At the optimal condition, 16.9 mgL−1 of glyphosate decreased up to 0.6 mg L−1, i.e the removal efficiencies were 95 ± 16 %. This work demonstrates that electrochemical oxidation is a promising process for degradation and mineralization of glyphosate


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    Culture and language are inseparable from each other. Consequently, the integration of cultural content into language education becomes highly valuable, promoting the embracement of diverse cultures and intercultural understanding. This research aimed to explore the viewpoints of English major students on the importance of acquiring competence in American and British cultural competence for interpretation skills. A survey with two sections was employed to gather data from 32 participants, and descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Overall, the study's findings indicated that EFL students had positive attitudes towards American and British cultures and the integration of these factors in interpretation courses. However, challenges arise when interpreting between Vietnamese and English due to unfamiliar cultural terms and concepts, as well as the lack of equivalent idioms in Vietnamese-English and English-Vietnamese interpreting. In the light of findings, the study provides essential recommendations for students and educators, emphasizing the need to enhance students' academic performance and intercultural competence as well as foster positive perceptions of the target cultures.  Article visualizations

    Strahlungseffekte bei instationären Heizdrahtmessungen an porösen Wärmedämmstoffen

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    Die Integral-Differentialgleichung zur Beschreibung des Energietransports der gekoppelten Strahlung/Leitung in einem grauen, absorbierenden und emittierenden, von zwei koaxial zylindrischen Oberflächen begrenzten Medium wird mit der Methode der Finiten Differenzen numerisch gelöst, um Strahlungseffekte bei instationären Heizdrahtmessungen an porösen Wärmedämmstoffen theoretisch zu analysieren. Der Einfluss des Extinktionskoeffizienten des Probenmediums, der Emissivität des Heizdrahtes, der Messtemperatur, der Heizleistung und des thermischen Kontaktwiderstandes wird untersucht. Aufgrund der Berechnungsergebnisse wird die effektive Wärmeleitfähigkeit poröser Wärmedämmstoffe unterbestimmt, wenn deren Extinktionskoeffizienten klein sind. Die Untergrenze des erlaubten Extinktionsbereiches verschiebt sich zu größeren Werten mit zunehmender Messtemperatur. Der thermische Kontaktwiderstand bedeutet eine Verfälschungsgefahr von Messergebnissen, insbesondere wenn der Heizdraht stark emittiert und die Probenoberfläche reflektiert


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    Camellia pyriformis is described, illustrated, and placed in section Calpandria. Morphological features of this new species are young branches villous; leaves above pubescent, a long midrib, below pubescent; petiole falcate, densely villous; flowers solitary or geminate; pedicel very short, pubescent; bracteoles sparsely pubescent on both sides; sepals, pubescent on both sides; petals, white, glabrous; androecium 5–6 stamens, filaments completely united to form a truncated cone, glabrous, basal adnate to the petal, shallowly dentate at the apex, each filament bearing an anther; gynoecium 3-locular, densely white silky strigose tomentose, styles glabrous; capsule pyriform, pubescent; seed broad pyriform, densely villou

    Linear Approximation and Asymptotic Expansion of Solutions for a Nonlinear Carrier Wave Equation in an Annular Membrane with Robin-Dirichlet Conditions

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    This paper is devoted to the study of a nonlinear Carrier wave equation in an annular membrane associated with Robin-Dirichlet conditions. Existence and uniqueness of a weak solution are proved by using the linearization method for nonlinear terms combined with the Faedo-Galerkin method and the weak compact method. Furthermore, an asymptotic expansion of a weak solution of high order in a small parameter is established

    Relative Positional Encoding for Speech Recognition and Direct Translation

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    Transformer models are powerful sequence-to-sequence architectures that are capable of directly mapping speech inputs to transcriptions or translations. However, the mechanism for modeling positions in this model was tailored for text modeling, and thus is less ideal for acoustic inputs. In this work, we adapt the relative position encoding scheme to the Speech Transformer, where the key addition is relative distance between input states in the self-attention network. As a result, the network can better adapt to the variable distributions present in speech data. Our experiments show that our resulting model achieves the best recognition result on the Switchboard benchmark in the non-augmentation condition, and the best published result in the MuST-C speech translation benchmark. We also show that this model is able to better utilize synthetic data than the Transformer, and adapts better to variable sentence segmentation quality for speech translation.Comment: Submitted to Interspeech 202

    Controlled Synthesis of Titania using Water-soluble Titanium Complexes: A Review

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    The development of human society has led to the increase in energy and resources consumption as well as the arising problems of environmental damage and the toxicity to the human health. The development of novel synthesis method which tolerates utilization of toxic solvents and chemicals would fulfill the demand of the society for safer, softer, and environmental friendly technologies. For the past decades, a remarkable progress has been attained in the development of new water-soluble titanium complexes (WSTC) and their use for the synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide materials by aqueous solution-based approaches. The progress of synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide using such WSTCs is reviewed in this work. The key structural features responsible for the successfully controlled synthesis of TiO2 are discussed to provide guidelines for the morphology-controlled synthesis. Finally, this review ends with a summary and some perspectives on the challenges as well as new directions in this fascinating research


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    The Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên) is a center of yellow camellia diversity in Vietnam and the world. The Central Highlands contains 18 of Vietnam’s yellow camellia species, accounting for 37% of yellow camellia species in Vietnam and 28% of yellow camellia species worldwide. Moreover, all 18 yellow camellia species in the Central Highlands are endemic to Vietnam. The camellias of the Central Highlands belong to nine sections, accounting for 75% of the world. The yellow colors occur in three groups: pale yellow, yellow, and yellow with compound colors. The yellow camellia distribution is dispersed at 500–1600 m elevation in evergreen broadleaf forests and mixed wood-bamboo forests