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    (Super-) String in Two Dimensional Black Hole and Target Space Dualities

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    We review the recently proposed string theory in two dimensional black hole background. Especially, the structure of the duality in the target space is discussed. The duality is analogous to \lq\lq R1/RR \rightarrow 1/R" symmetry of a compactified boson. We consider the duality in more general target space manifolds which have Killing symmetries and we give an explicit formula which connects two different manifolds which are dual to each other. Superstring theory in two dimensional black hole background is also discussed based on supersymmetric SU(1,1)/U(1)SU(1,1)/U(1) gauged Wess-Zumino-Witten model.Comment: 19pp (Talk at YITP workshop, ``Developments in Strings and Field Theories'', Kyoto, JAPAN

    Group Theoretical Structure of N=1N=1 and N=2N=2 Two-Form Supegravity

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    We clarifies the group theoretical structure of N=1N=1 and N=2N=2 two-form supergravity, which is classically equivalent to the Einstein supergravity. N=1N=1 and N=2N=2 two-form supergravity theories can be formulated as gauge theories. By introducing two Grassmann variables θA\theta^A (A=1,2A=1,2), we construct the explicit representations of the generators QiQ^i of the gauge group, which makes to express any product of the generators as a linear combination of the generators QiQj=kfkijQkQ^iQ^j=\sum_k f^{ij}_k Q^k. By using the expression and the tensor product representation, we explain how to construct finite-dimensional representations of the gauge groups. Based on these representations, we construct the Lagrangeans of N=1N=1 and N=2N=2 two-form supergravity theories.Comment: Latex file, 15

    Exact Four Dimensional Exploding Universe Solution in String Theory

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    We obtain a four dimensional exploding universe solution in string theory. The solution is obtained from the string theory in the flat background by using non-abelian TT-duality and the analytic continuation. In the solution, the radius of the universe is finite for fixed time and the universe is surrounded with the boundary which is composed of the singularity. The boundary runs away with the speed of light and the flat space-time is left behind.Comment: Latex file, 6 pages, misprints in Eqs.(14), (16), (19) and (26) are correcte