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    Variants of the human PPARG locus and the susceptibility to chronic periodontitis

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    Apart from its regulatory function in lipid and glucose metabolism, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)γ has impact on the regulation of inflammation and bone metabolism. The aim of the study was to investigate the association of five polymorphisms (rs10865710, rs2067819, rs3892175, rs1801282, rs3856806) within the PPARG gene with chronic periodontitis. The study population comprised 402 periodontitis patients and 793 healthy individuals. Genotyping of the PPARG gene polymorphisms was performed by PCR and melting curve analysis. Comparison of frequency distribution of genotypes between individuals with periodontal disease and healthy controls for the polymorphism rs3856806 showed a P-value of 0.04 but failed to reach significance after correction for multiple testing (P  0.90). A 3-site analysis (rs2067819-rs1801282-rs3856860) revealed five haplotypes with a frequency of ≥1% among cases and controls. Following adjustment for age, gender and smoking, none of the haplotypes was significantly different between periodontitis and healthy controls after Bonferroni correction. This study could not show a significant association between PPARG gene variants and chronic periodontitis

    Environmental impacts of alternative cement binders.

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    Cement production is among the most difficult industrial activities to decarbonize. Various measures have been proposed and explored to reduce its CO2 emissions. Among these measures, the substitution of portland cement (PC) clinker with alternative materials is arguably the most effective, and consequently is an area of high research and commercial interest. However, few studies have systematically quantified environmental impacts of alternative, i.e., non-PC, clinkers. Here, we quantify and compare environmental impacts arising from the production of binders derived from several of the most commonly investigated alternative cement systems. We show that binders derived from most of these alternative cements result in lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as other indicators of environmental impacts relative to the PC binder. The extent of these reductions varies as a function of energy requirements for production, process-related emissions from clinker formation, and raw materials demand. While utilization of alternative cements can be environmentally beneficial, similar reductions in GHG emissions can be achieved through use of partial replacement of PC with mineral admixtures. In this work, we quantitatively demonstrate the potential for alternative binders to mitigate environmental burdens and highlight the need to consider trade-offs among environmental impact categories when assessing these products

    Improved Multiple Comparisons With The Best In Response Surface Methodology

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    A method to construct simultaneous confidence intervals about the difference in mean responses at the stationary point and at x for all x within a sphere with radius I R is proposed. Results of an efficiency study to compare the new method and the existing method by Moore and Sa (1999) are provided

    Point‐of‐care lung ultrasound in patients with COVID‐19 – a narrative review

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    Ultrasound imaging of the lung and associated tissues may play an important role in the management of patients with COVID‐19–associated lung injury. Compared with other monitoring modalities, such as auscultation or radiographic imaging, we argue lung ultrasound has high diagnostic accuracy, is ergonomically favourable and has fewer infection control implications. By informing the initiation, escalation, titration and weaning of respiratory support, lung ultrasound can be integrated into COVID‐19 care pathways for patients with respiratory failure. Given the unprecedented pressure on healthcare services currently, supporting and educating clinicians is a key enabler of the wider implementation of lung ultrasound. This narrative review provides a summary of evidence and clinical guidance for the use and interpretation of lung ultrasound for patients with moderate, severe and critical COVID‐19–associated lung injury. Mechanisms by which the potential lung ultrasound workforce can be deployed are explored, including a pragmatic approach to training, governance, imaging, interpretation of images and implementation of lung ultrasound into routine clinical practice

    The problem of interpretation in vignette methodology in research with young people

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    In this paper we explore how interpretation is dealt with by researchers using a vignette methodology. Researchers using vignette methodology often struggle with interpretation: how to interpret the responses when participants shift between discussing the vignettes as themselves, taking the perspective of the character in the vignette and commenting on what ‘ought’ to happen. We argue that by foregrounding a consideration of the method with an explicitly articulated theoretical position of dialogicality, issues inherent in interpretation become a valuable addition to the research rather than an obstacle to be overcome. In the paper we discuss ‘Louise’ a young carer, detailing the various positions she takes in her talk about the vignette of Mary, a fictitious young carer, to illustrate how a perspective based in dialogical theory contributed to the analysis of her various moves through different identity positions