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    Cu2+ uptake by Chlorococcum hemicolum - A Xeric Chlorophycean Alga

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    Bioremediation of copper by xeric chlorophycean bioremediator, Chlorococcum hemicolum was investigated. The growth rates at various concentrations of Cu2+ were assessed in terms of protein level and 8 mg L-1 (37.67 % level in growth kinetics) is the tolerance limit. Absorption/adsorption kinetics was estimated after 240 hrs of Cu2+ treatments. Absorptions were higher than adsorption with maximum accumulation factor (AF) of 1.40. The Cu2+ concentration and absorption were linearly related (r = 0.99; p>0.01). Other biochemical parameters like total sugar, chlorophyll and carotenoids were also quantified to correlate the state of metabolism and these exhibited reduction due to heavy metal stress