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    Central Extension of the Yangian Double

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    Central extension \DYg of the Double of the Yangian is defined for a simple Lie algebra g{\bf g} with complete proof for g=sl2{\bf g} =sl_2. Basic representations and intertwining operators are constructed for \DY2.Comment: 12 pages, latex, no figure

    Mickelsson algebras and Zhelobenko operators

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    We construct a family of automorphisms of Mickelsson algebra, satisfying braid group relations. The construction uses 'Zhelobenko cocycle' and includes the dynamical Weyl group action as a particular case

    Mickelsson algebras and representations of Yangians

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    Weight function for the quantum affine algebra Uq(A2(2))U_q(A_2^{(2)})

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    In this article, we give an explicit formula for the universal weight function of the quantum twisted affine algebra Uq(A2(2))U_q(A_2^{(2)}). The calculations use the technique of projecting products of Drinfeld currents onto the intersection of Borel subalgebras of different types.Comment: 25 page
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