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    High voltage transistor circuit Patent

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    High voltage transistor circui

    Semiparametric estimation of a panel data proportional hazards model with fixed effects

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    This paper considers a panel duration model that has a proportional hazards specification with fixed effects. The paper shows how to estimate the baseline and integrated baseline hazard functions without assuming that they belong to known, finitedimensional families of functions. Existing estimators assume that the baseline hazard function belongs to a known parametric family. Therefore, the estimators presented here are more general than existing ones. This paper also presents a method for estimating the parametric part of the proportional hazards model with dependent right censoring, under which the partial likelihood estimator is inconsistent. The paper presents some Monte Carlo evidence on the small sample performance of the new estimators

    Bioaffinity detection of pathogens on surfaces

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    The demand for improved technologies capable of rapidly detecting pathogens with high sensitivity and selectivity in complex environments continues to be a significant challenge that helps drive the development of new analytical techniques. Surface-based detection platforms are particularly attractive as multiple bioaffinity interactions between different targets and corresponding probe molecules can be monitored simultaneously in a single measurement. Furthermore, the possibilities for developing new signal transduction mechanisms alongside novel signal amplification strategies aremuchmore varied. In this article, we describe some of the latest advances in the use of surface bioaffinity detection of pathogens. Three major sections will be discussed: (i) a brief overview on the choice of probe molecules such as antibodies, proteins and aptamers specific to pathogens and surface attachment chemistries to immobilize those probes onto various substrates, (ii) highlighting examples among the current generation of surface biosensors, and (iii) exploring emerging technologies that are highly promising and likely to form the basis of the next generation of pathogenic sensors

    Communication, coordination and networks

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    We study experimentally how the network structure and length of pre-play communication affect behavior and outcome in a multi-player coordination game with conflicting preferences. Network structure matters but the interaction between network and time effects is more subtle. Under each time treatment, substantial variations are observed in both the rate of coordination and distribution of coordinated outcomes across networks. But, increasing the communication length improves both efficiency and equity of coordination. In all treatments, coordination is mostly explained by convergence in communication. We also identify behaviors that explain variations in the distribution of coordinated outcomes both within and across networks

    Nonparametric estimation of an additive quantile regression model

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    This paper is concerned with estimating the additive components of a nonparametric additive quantile regression model. We develop an estimator that is asymptotically normally distributed with a rate of convergence in probability of n^{-r/(2+10)} when the additive components are r-times continuously differentiable for some r\geq2. This result holds regardless of the dimension of the covariates and, therefore, the new estimator has no curse of dimensionality. In addition, the estimator has an oracle property and is easily extended to a generalized additive quantile regression model with a link function. The numerical performance and usefulness of the estimator are illustrated by Monte Carlo experiments and an empirical example

    Effect of Diethylenetriamine and Triethylamine sensitization on the critical diameter of Nitromethane

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    In this work, the critical diameter for detonation was measured for Nitromethane (NM) sensitized with two different amines: Diethylenetriamine (DETA) and Triethylamine (TEA). The critical diameter in glass and polyvinylchloride tubes is found to decrease rapidly as the amount of sensitizer is increased, then increase past a critical amount of sensitizer. Thus the critical diameter reaches a minimum at a critical concentration of sensitizer. It was also found that the critical diameter is lower with DETA than with TEA
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