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    On Atonement

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    This paper deals with the theme of Atonement. It is a rudimentary paper which has been prepared in a hurry in these trying times; especially for the use of students all over the world during the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19. It deals with the title of Atonement. The article should be cited properly if referred to by anyone. It is made open access since the author believes any knowledge worth sharing should be freely available to all

    Nature of the glassy magnetic state in Cu2.84_{2.84}Mn0.44_{0.44}Al0.72_{0.72} shape memory alloy

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    The magnetic ground state of the ferromagnetic shape memory alloy of nominal composition Cu2.84_{2.84}Mn0.44_{0.44}Al0.72_{0.72} was investigated. The sample shows reentry of a glassy magnetic phase below the martensitic transition temperature, which is found to have complex character with two distinct anomalies in the temperature dependent ac susceptibility data. The sample retains its glassy phase even below the second transition as evident from the magnetic memory measurements in different protocols. Existence of two transitions along with their observed nature suggest that the system can be described by the mean field Heisenberg model of reentrant spin glass as proposed by Gabay and Toulous. \cite{rsg-GT1} The sample provides a fascinating example where a Gabay-Toulous type spin glass state is triggered by a first order magneto-structural transition