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    Primordial nucleosynthesis in higher dimensional cosmology

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    We investigate nucleosynthesis and element formation in the early universe in the framework of higher dimensional cosmology. For this purpose we utilize a previous solution of the present author, which may be termed as the generalized Friedmann-Robertson-Walker model. We find that temperature decays less rapidly in higher dimensional cosmology, which we believe may have nontrivial consequences \emph{vis-a-vis} primordial physics

    Spherical collapse of a heat conducting fluid in higher dimensions without horizon

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    We consider a scenario where the interior spacetime,described by a heat conducting fluid sphere is matched to a Vaidya metric in higher dimensions.Interestingly we get a class of solutions, where following heat radiation the boundary surface collapses without the appearance of an event horizon at any stage and this happens with reasonable properties of matter field.The non-occurrence of a horizon is due to the fact that the rate of mass loss exactly counterbalanced by the fall of boundary radius.Evidently this poses a counter example to the so-called cosmic censorship hypothesis.Two explicit examples of this class of solutions are also given and it is observed that the rate of collapse is delayed with the introduction of extra dimensions.The work extends to higher dimensions our previous investigation in 4D.Comment: 6 page