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    An explicit predictor-corrector solver with applications to Burgers' equation

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    Forward Euler's explicit, finite-difference formula of extrapolation, is used as a predictor and a convex formula as a corrector to integrate differential equations numerically. An application has been made to Burger's equation

    A Note on Complex-Hyperbolic Kleinian Groups

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    Let Γ be a discrete group of isometries acting on the complex hyperbolic n-space HCn. In this note, we prove that if Γ is convex-cocompact, torsion-free, and the critical exponent δ(Γ) is strictly lesser than 2, then the complex manifold HCn/Γ is Stein. We also discuss several related conjectures

    Numerical solutions of nonlinear STIFF initial value problems by perturbed functional iterations

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    Numerical solution of nonlinear stiff initial value problems by a perturbed functional iterative scheme is discussed. The algorithm does not fully linearize the system and requires only the diagonal terms of the Jacobian. Some examples related to chemical kinetics are presented

    Nonlinear grid error effects on numerical solution of partial differential equations

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    Finite difference solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations require discretizations and consequently grid errors are generated. These errors strongly affect stability and convergence properties of difference models. Previously such errors were analyzed by linearizing the difference equations for solutions. Properties of mappings of decadence were used to analyze nonlinear instabilities. Such an analysis is directly affected by initial/boundary conditions. An algorithm was developed, applied to nonlinear Burgers equations, and verified computationally. A preliminary test shows that Navier-Stokes equations may be treated similarly

    Numerical modeling of D-mappings with applications to chemical kinetics

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    Numerical modeling of D-mappings was studied and applied to solving nonlinear stiff systems. These mappings were locally linearized for convergence analysis, and some applications were made to chemical kinetics. The technique avoids using multistep implicit codes that require inversion of Jacobian matrices, but depends on the Jacobians for its convergence analysis
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