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    Supersymmetry breaking and gauge mediation in models with a generic superpotential

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    We present a general scheme for finding or creating a metastable vacuum in supersymmetric theories. By using the formalism, we show that there is a parameter region where a metastable vacuum exists in the Wess-Zumino model coupled to messenger fields. This model serves as a perturbative renormalizable model of direct gauge mediation.Comment: 13 pages, 1 figures. v2 two loop corrections and references added. to appear in PL

    Gauge mediation in supergravity and gravitino dark matter

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    Gravitinos and hidden sector fields often cause a cosmological disaster in supersymmetric models. We find that a model with gravitational gauge mediation solves such a problem quite naturally. The mu-problem is also absent in the model. Moreover, the abundance of gravitinos explains correct amount of dark matter of the universe. The dark matter abundance can be calculated without detailed information on the thermal history of the universe such as the reheating temperature after inflation.Comment: 22 pages, 2 figures, a reference added, version to appear in PR

    Natural mu-term generation in supergravity scenario

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    We discuss a natural way to generate the mu-term in supergravity scenario. Once the supergravity effects are taken into account, the vacuum expectation values (VEVs) of the heavy fields are in general shifted from the values in the supersymmetric limit. We note that this fact is independent of any Kahler ansatz and the values of the VEV shifts are of the order of the gravitino mass. As an example, an explicit model is presented, in which both of the mu-term and the B-term of the electroweak scale are generated by the VEV shifts through the supergravity effects. This model is a kind of the next to minimal supersymmetric standard model, but there is no light standard model singlet field. Also, we emphasize that our discussion can be naturally applied to the supersymmetric grand unified theory.Comment: 9 page
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