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    The VIBE TR Series: Fit-Widget Bracelet

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    As our society begins to understand the impact of mental health on human behavior, David Postula saw the need for a product that could help children increase their productivity in the classroom. David imagined the VIBE Bracelet, designed as an anti-anxiety tool that helps young children reduce stress in the classroom and intermittently reminds the user of goals or ideas throughout the day. David offered sponsorship for the development of the VIBE Bracelet design project by Cal Poly SLO students. The students designed the VIBE Bracelet to fit David’s requirements for a thoughtful reminder bracelet: a fidget element on the band, an interchangeable icon element, and a vibration element to act as a reminder in conjunction with the icon. The following report includes a detailed literature review, conceptual designs, a final prototype design, testing with results, and future recommendations