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    A Priori Testing of Turbulent Mixing Models for Subgrid-scale Mixing and Reaction

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    Analytical ice shape predictions for flight in natural icing conditions

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    LEWICE is an analytical ice prediction code that has been evaluated against icing tunnel data, but on a more limited basis against flight data. Ice shapes predicted by LEWICE is compared with experimental ice shapes accreted on the NASA Lewis Icing Research Aircraft. The flight data selected for comparison includes liquid water content recorded using a hot wire device and droplet distribution data from a laser spectrometer; the ice shape is recorded using stereo photography. The main findings are as follows: (1) An equivalent sand grain roughness correlation different from that used for LEWICE tunnel comparisons must be employed to obtain satisfactory results for flight; (2) Using this correlation and making no other changes in the code, the comparisons to ice shapes accreted in flight are in general as good as the comparisons to ice shapes accreted in the tunnel (as in the case of tunnel ice shapes, agreement is least reliable for large glaze ice shapes at high angles of attack); (3) In some cases comparisons can be somewhat improved by utilizing the code so as to take account of the variation of parameters such as liquid water content, which may vary significantly in flight

    The Effects of an Eight Week Developmental Physical Education Program on Physical Fitness Index and Certain Cardiovascular Factors of Freshman Male Students

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    According to the various definitions, physical fitness is a qualitative element composed of many factors; so in order to properly evaluate physical fitness, it would be necessary to measure all of the various factors. It is generally conceded that a test is needed that will be sensitive to the effects upon the organism of lack of exercise, of faculty health habits, and of organic drains. The Roger’s Physical Fitness Test was intended to be such a measure. This test is based upon the assumption that to rate well, one must have efficiently functioning organs and well-developed muscles; however, the relative proportion of skill, effort, cardiovascular condition, body build factors, and abs0olute strength entering into the test is relatively unknown. The ideal situation in testing physical fitness would be to be able to administer a test and f4rom the results judge the degree of physical fitness of a person possesses in terms of physical strength, organic efficiency, and motor fitness. At the present time, the Roger’s Physical Fitness Test is the best available instrument to measure physical fitness. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of eight weeks of developmental physical education upon certain cardiovascular conditions of twenty men students with physical fitness indices of eight-five and below and twenty men students with a physical fitness index of eighty-six and above. Specifically, the study examined the effects of a developmental program on pulse rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, fatigue ratio, and changes in physical fitness index after the groups completed the program

    Popes, papers & publics: media representations and public perceptions of Catholicism and evolution in England

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    The majority of social studies of science and religion have been conducted in the USA, and tend to focus on perceived ‘problematic groups’ such as Evangelical creationists, potentially skewing our perception of how science and religion may relate in other societies. Furthermore, Catholicism is a religion held in a paradoxical position, with scholarly discourse not deeming it a ‘problematic group’ regarding evolution, yet the Church is often represented as particularly anti-science in public discourse. Accordingly, this thesis aims to empirically investigate the relationship between Catholicism and evolution in England. It achieves this in two ways. Firstly, through an ethnographic content analysis of public discourse, exploring how large-circulation English newspapers have represented recent papal statements on evolution by John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis (1996-2017). I find some contradictory media interpretations of popes’ statements on evolution, highlighting the contingent nature of representations of science and religion in public discourse. Secondly, through analysing public attitudes, via a thematic analysis of 31 semi-structured interviews with Catholics in England. While the majority had ‘no problem’ with evolution, 5 expressed opposition to evolution, this however was not based on Biblical literalism. The implications are discussed, particularly regarding the use of evolution-related survey measures

    Who Were Mississippian Period Artists and What Was in Their Toolkit?

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    The Mississippian Period lasted from approximately 1000 to 1550 CE and occurred in the regions of the North American Southeast and Midwest. Society followed a strong system of hierarchy with major settlements with mounds and palisades exerting political control over smaller towns and villages. In Georgia, the most notable Mississippian period site and settlement is Etowah, which belonged to the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (SECC). The SECC was an exchange network of culture and spirituality that dominated most of the Mississippian period and is largely defined by its iconography and artifact trends. It is the general consensus that most Mississippian period art was produced by specialists in relatively large quantities and distributed to others throughout the Mississippian world, particularly elites at large settlements; however, there is a lack of information on who exactly these specialists were and what exactly they would have used to create their art. The Cummings Site in Northwest Georgia, a couple miles from Etowah, has provided a unique opportunity to learn more about who may have created art and what they may have used to do so. Excavation of a Middle Mississippian house (1260-1300 CE) at the site has revealed a number of potential artistic implements as well as well as potential raw materials used to produce art. By analyzing these artifacts and the context of this site in relation to Etowah, we can hopefully gain a better understanding of art and artists in this time period

    Developing skills to perform hybridity

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    Thesis: S.M. in Management Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, February 2018.Cataloged from PDF version of thesis.Includes bibliographical references (pages 29-32).Multivocal identities have often been thought to provide social actors with more resources and opportunities over time than other "limited," singular identities. However, less is known about how organizations actually accomplish embodying multiple identities. By looking inside a hybrid organization, this paper uses ethnographic data to document how an organization successfully sustains its hybridity despite challenges associated with making multiple identity claims. The paper analyzes how the organization socializes individuals to perform its particular hybrid organizational identity. A common practice known as demonstrations served as an integrative practice-based mechanism enabling actors confronted by distinct social worlds, and norms, to enact otherwise competing roles and framings of their work so that their performances did not convey incompetence or betrayal of alternative normative expectations. The findings show that to successfully perform the organization's hybrid identity, the actors developed a transferable skill set, which enabled them to credibly deliver on their manifold roles as academic researchers, social hacktivists, and commercial product designers.by James Whitcomb Riley.S.M. in Management Researc
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