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    Controlled substrate cooling improves reproducibility of vapor deposited semiconductor composites

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    Improved substrate holder preferentially provides more uniform substrate cooling and increases the proportion of vapor flowing over the substrate during growth. Nitrogen gas is constricted in the substrate holder to cool the substrate

    Intercompreensão de texto escrito por falantes nativos de português e de espanhol Text intercomprehension by native speakers of Portuguese and Spanish

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    O objetivo deste trabalho √© verificar o n√≠vel de compreens√£o de texto (leitura e tradu√ß√£o) em portugu√™s, por falantes de espanhol, e vice-versa. Os sujeitos s√£o alunos ingressantes de v√°rios cursos universit√°rios (300 falantes nativos de portugu√™s e 300 de espanhol), que nunca estudaram a outra l√≠ngua nem como L2, nem como LE. Os resultados mostram que, em cada um desses dois grupos de sujeitos, existe um alto √≠ndice de compreens√£o da outra l√≠ngua, que varia de 58% a 94%, dependendo do contexto e da semelhan√ßa (ou diferen√ßa) l√©xico/sem√Ęntica entre as palavras-chave dos textos usados nesta pesquisa.<br>The aim of this paper is to verify the level of text comprehension (reading and translation) in Portuguese, by native speakers of Spanish and vice-versa. The subjects are freshmen, from different fields (300 native speakers of Portuguese and 300 of Spanish), who have never studied the other language neither as a second (L2) nor as a foreign language (FL). The results show that, in each group of subjects, there is a high level of comprehension of the foreign language, which varies from 58% to 94%, depending on the context and on the lexical/semantic similarity (or difference) between the key-words in the texts used in this research