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    Enhanced bias stress stability of a-InGaZnO thin film transistors by inserting an ultra-thin interfacial InGaZnO:N layer

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    Amorphous indium-gallium-zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin film transistors (TFTs) having an ultra-thin nitrogenated a-IGZO (a-IGZO:N) layer sandwiched at the channel/gate dielectric interface are fabricated. It is found that the device shows enhanced bias stress stability with significantly reduced threshold voltage drift under positive gate bias stress. Based on x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurement, the concentration of oxygen vacancies within the a-IGZO:N layer is suppressed due to the formation of N-Ga bonds. Meanwhile, low frequency noise analysis indicates that the average trap density near the channel/dielectric interface continuously drops as the nitrogen content within the a-IGZO:N layer increases. The improved interface quality upon nitrogen doping agrees with the enhanced bias stress stability of the a-IGZO TFTs.This work was supported in part by the State Key Program for Basic Research of China under Grant Nos. 2010CB327504, 2011CB922100, and 2011CB301900; in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 60936004 and 11104130; in part by the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province under Grant Nos. BK2011556 and BK2011050; and in part by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions

    Tetrahedral shape of 110^{110}Zr from covariant density functional theory in 3D lattice space

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    Covariant density functional theory is solved in 3D lattice space by implementing the preconditioned conjugate gradient method with a filtering function (PCG-F). It considerably improves the computational efficiency compared to the previous inverse Hamiltonian method (IHM). This new method is then applied to explore the tetrahedral shape of 110^{110}Zr in the full deformation space. The ground state of 110^{110}Zr is found to have a tetrahedral shape, but the deformations β31\beta_{31} and β33\beta_{33} greatly soften the potential energy surface. This effect is analysed with the microscopic evolution of the single-particle levels near the Fermi surface driven by the deformation

    Slicing Recognition of Aircraft Integral Panel Generalized Pocket

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    AbstractTo automatically obtain a machining area in numerical control (NC) programming, a data model of generalized pocket is established by analyzing aircraft integral panel characteristics, and a feature recognition approach is proposed. First, by reference to the practical slice-machining process of an aircraft integral panel, both the part and the blank are sliced in the Z-axis direction; hence a feature profile is created according to the slicing planes and the contours are formed by the intersection of the slicing planes with the part and its blank. Second, the auxiliary features of the generalized pocket are also determined based on the face type and the position, to correct the profile of the pocket. Finally, the generalized pocket feature relationship tree is constructed by matching the vertical relationships among the features. Machining feature information produced by using this method can be directly used to calculate the cutter path. The validity and practicability of the method is verified by NC programming for aircraft panels

    Electrical instability of amorphous indium-gallium-zinc oxide thin film transistors under monochromatic light illumination

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    The electrical instability behaviors of a positive-gate-bias-stressed amorphous indium-gallium-zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin film transistor(TFT) are studied under monochromatic light illumination. It is found that as the wavelength of incident light reduces from 750 nm to 450 nm, the threshold voltage of the illuminated TFT shows a continuous negative shift, which is caused by photo-excitation of trapped electrons at the channel/dielectric interface. Meanwhile, an increase of the sub-threshold swing (SS) is observed when the illumination wavelength is below 625 nm (∼2.0 eV). The SS degradation is accompanied by a simultaneous increase of the field effect mobility (μFE) of the TFT, which then decreases at even shorter wavelength beyond 540 nm (∼2.3 eV). The variation of SS and μFE is explained by a physical model based on generation of singly ionized oxygen vacancies (Vo⁺) and double ionized oxygen vacancies (Vo²⁺) within the a-IGZO active layer by high energy photons, which would form trap states near the mid-gap and the conduction band edge, respectively.This work was supported by the State Key Program for Basic Research of China under Grant Nos. 2010CB327504, 2011CB922100, 2011CB301900; the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 60825401, 60936004, 11104130, BK2011556, and BK2011050

    Assessment of disaster preparedness and related impact factors among emergency nurses in tertiary hospitals: descriptive cross-sectional study from Henan Province of China

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    BackgroundThe aim of this study was to investigate the current state of disaster preparedness and to determine associated factors among emergency nurses from tertiary hospitals in Henan Province of China.MethodsThis multicenter descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted with emergency nurses from 48 tertiary hospitals in Henan Province of China between September 7, 2022–September 27, 2022. Data were collected through a self-designeds online questionnaire using the mainland China version of the Disaster Preparedness Evaluation Tool (DPET-MC). Descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression analysis were used to evaluate disaster preparedness and to determine factors affecting disaster preparedness, respectively.ResultsA total of 265 emergency nurses in this study displayed a moderate level of disaster preparedness with a mean item score of 4.24 out 6.0 on the DPET-MC questionnaire. Among the five dimensions of the DPET-MC, the mean item score for pre-disaster awareness was highest (5.17 ± 0.77), while that for disaster management (3.68 ± 1.36) was the lowest. Female gender (B = −9.638, p = 0.046) and married status (B = −8.618, p = 0.038) were negatively correlated with the levels of disaster preparedness. Five factors positively correlated with the levels of disaster preparedness included having attended in the theoretical knowledge training of disaster nursing since work (B = 8.937, p = 0.043), having experienced the disaster response (B = 8.280, p = 0.036), having participated in the disaster rescue simulation exercise (B = 8.929, p = 0.039), having participated in the disaster relief training (B = 11.515, p = 0.025), as well as having participated in the training of disaster nursing specialist nurse (B = 16.101, p = 0.002). The explanatory power of these factors was 26.5%.ConclusionEmergency nurses in Henan Province of China need more education in all areas of disaster preparedness, especially disaster management, which needs to be incorporated into nursing education, including formal and ongoing education. Besides, blended learning approach with simulation-based training and disaster nursing specialist nurse training should be considered as novel ways to improve disaster preparedness for emergency nurses in mainland China

    Volumes of hippocampal subfields suggest a continuum between schizophrenia, major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder

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    ObjectiveThere is considerable debate as to whether the continuum of major psychiatric disorders exists and to what extent the boundaries extend. Converging evidence suggests that alterations in hippocampal volume are a common sign in psychiatric disorders; however, there is still no consensus on the nature and extent of hippocampal atrophy in schizophrenia (SZ), major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder (BD). The aim of this study was to verify the continuum of SZ – BD – MDD at the level of hippocampal subfield volume and to compare the volume differences in hippocampal subfields in the continuum.MethodsA total of 412 participants (204 SZ, 98 MDD, and 110 BD) underwent 3 T MRI scans, structured clinical interviews, and clinical scales. We segmented the hippocampal subfields with FreeSurfer 7.1.1 and compared subfields volumes across the three diagnostic groups by controlling for age, gender, education, and intracranial volumes.ResultsThe results showed a gradual increase in hippocampal subfield volumes from SZ to MDD to BD. Significant volume differences in the total hippocampus and 13 of 26 hippocampal subfields, including CA1, CA3, CA4, GC-ML-DG, molecular layer and the whole hippocampus, bilaterally, and parasubiculum in the right hemisphere, were observed among diagnostic groups. Medication treatment had the most effect on subfields of MDD compared to SZ and BD. Subfield volumes were negatively correlated with illness duration of MDD. Positive correlations were found between subfield volumes and drug dose in SZ and MDD. There was no significant difference in laterality between diagnostic groups.ConclusionThe pattern of hippocampal volume reduction in SZ, MDD and BD suggests that there may be a continuum of the three disorders at the hippocampal level. The hippocampus represents a phenotype that is distinct from traditional diagnostic strategies. Combined with illness duration and drug intervention, it may better reflect shared pathophysiology and mechanisms across psychiatric disorders

    Terahertz master-oscillator power-amplifier quantum cascade laser with a grating coupler of extremely low reflectivity

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    A terahertz master-oscillation power-amplifier quantum cascade laser (THz-MOPA-QCL) is demonstrated where a grating coupler is employed to efficiently extract the THz radiation. By maximizing the group velocity and eliminating the scattering of THz wave in the grating coupler, the residue reflectivity is reduced down to the order of 10−3. A buried DFB grating and a tapered preamplifier are proposed to improve the seed power and to reduce the gain saturation, respectively. The THz-MOPA-QCL exhibits single-mode emission, a single-lobed beam with a narrow divergence angle of 18° × 16°, and a pulsed output power of 136 mW at 20 K, which is 36 times that of a second-order DFB laser from the same material

    Target density effects on charge tansfer of laser-accelerated carbon ions in dense plasma

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    We report on charge state measurements of laser-accelerated carbon ions in the energy range of several MeV penetrating a dense partially ionized plasma. The plasma was generated by irradiation of a foam target with laser-induced hohlraum radiation in the soft X-ray regime. We used the tri-cellulose acetate (C9_{9}H16_{16}O8_{8}) foam of 2 mg/cm3^{-3} density, and 11-mm interaction length as target material. This kind of plasma is advantageous for high-precision measurements, due to good uniformity and long lifetime compared to the ion pulse length and the interaction duration. The plasma parameters were diagnosed to be Te_{e}=17 eV and ne_{e}=4 ×\times 1020^{20} cm3^{-3}. The average charge states passing through the plasma were observed to be higher than those predicted by the commonly-used semiempirical formula. Through solving the rate equations, we attribute the enhancement to the target density effects which will increase the ionization rates on one hand and reduce the electron capture rates on the other hand. In previsous measurement with partially ionized plasma from gas discharge and z-pinch to laser direct irradiation, no target density effects were ever demonstrated. For the first time, we were able to experimentally prove that target density effects start to play a significant role in plasma near the critical density of Nd-Glass laser radiation. The finding is important for heavy ion beam driven high energy density physics and fast ignitions.Comment: 7 pages, 4 figures, 35 conference