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    Inner Disk Oscillations and QPOs in Relativistic Jet Sources

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    Recent results on the inner disk oscillations found in GRS 1915+105 are reviewed. QPOs during the low state are used as a marker for such oscillations and the physical picture emerging from a combined X-ray spectral and timing analysis is examined. The relationship between inner disk oscillations and synchrotron radio emission is critically evaluated.Comment: 8 pages, LaTeX, kluwer.cls, 2 figures, to be published in `Proceedings of the Third Microquasar Workshop: Granada Workshop on galactic relativistic jet sources', Eds A.J. Castro-Tirado, J. Greiner and J.M. Paredes, Astrophysics and Space Science, in pres

    Evolution of X-ray spectra of Cygnus X-3 with radio flares

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    Cygnus X-3, among the X-ray binaries, is one of the brightest in the radio band, repeatedly exhibiting huge radio flares. The X-ray spectra shows two definite states, low (correspondingly hard) and high (correspondingly soft). During the hard state the X-ray spectra shows a pivoting behaviour correlated to the radio emission. In the high state the X-ray spectra shows a gamut of behaviour which controls the radio flaring activity of the source. The complete evolution of the X-ray spectra along with the radio flaring activity is reported here, for the first time for this source.Comment: Bibliography has been correctly adde
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