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    Lipodermoid Cyst: A Report of a Rare Caruncular Case

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    Ocular lipodermoid cysts and solid dermoid tumors are choristomas which are described as normal tissue growth in an abnormal location. Congenital epibulbar lipodermoid comprises adipose tissue that is covered by connective tissue. They are usually located superotemporally, and basically tend not to involve the peripheral cornea. If the dermoid or lipodermoid is accompanied by other systemic conditions or ocular anomalies in young children, a consultation with an Internist or pediatrician is required to rule out Goldenhar syndrome which is a oculoauriculovertebral dysplasia. This paper reports a unilateral lipodermoid cyst which is remarkable regarding its caruncular origin, in an otherwise healthy adult female

    New PQ Controller for Interconnected Microgrids

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    Distributed Generation Sources are becoming an inseparable part of modern electrical grids. Finding the control strategies which can help them to be as much as possibly beneficial for the grid has been a big concern among the researchers. In this work, a PQ controller for connecting A DC source simulates the effect of a Distributed Generation to the grid based on the decoupling of Active and Reactive powers has been proposed. The Simulation results which have been in the MATLAB/Simulink environment show the effectiveness of this control technique for injecting the defined value of active and reactive power to the grid

    Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity and Protection by Milk Thistle Extract in Rats

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    The protective effect of methanolic extract of milk thistle seeds and silymarin against cisplatin-induced renal toxicity in male rats after a single intraperitoneal injection of 3 mg kg(−1) cisplatin were studied. Over 5 days, cisplatin-treated rats showed tubular necrosis and elevation in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine (Scr). Pretreatment of animals with silymarin (50 mg kg(−1)) or extract (0.6 g kg(−1)) 2 h before cisplatin prevented the tubular damage. Rats treated with silymarin or extract 2 h after cisplatin had BUN and Scr significantly lower than those receiving cisplatin, but mild to moderate necrosis was observed. These results suggested that milk thistle may protect against cisplatin-induced renal toxicity and might serve as a novel combination agent with cisplatin to limit renal injury

    Scientometric analysis of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging publications of Iran in the Web of Science and Scopus Databases

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         Scientometric analysis should be given great heed in university and research centers for various research and educational reasons. This study aimed to carry out a scientometirc analysis of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging articles authored by Iranian researchers and published in journals indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus databases from 2001 to 2016. This is a cross-sectional descriptive study in which as many as 3335 documents authored by Iranian researchers were identified on the two citation databases using field-specific keywords. HistCite™, MS Excel and VOSviewer™ were used to analyze the data. The study discovered that in terms of publications in both citation databases, Iran is almost among the top 30 countries in quantitative and qualitative studies. Iran's contribution was, however, very low in both web of Science (0.32%) and Scopus (0.52%). It was found that “Iranian Journal of Radiation Research” and “Iranian Journal of Radiology” are indexed in both databases; Tehran University of Medical Sciences and University of Tehran are also the most contributing institutions in the databases. According to the findings of the study, it is recommended that Iranian researchers increase their scientific cooperation with researchers from other leading countries in these fields including the United States, Japan and Germany to gain a better quantity and quality of publications

    Fuzzy logic-based algorithm resource scheduling for improving the reliability of cloud computing

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    Cloud computing is an important infrastructure for distributed systems with the main objective of reducing the use of resources. In a cloud environment, users may face thousands of resources to run each task. However, allocation of resources to tasks by the user is an impossible endeavor. Accurate scheduling of system resources results in their optimal use as well as an increase in the reliability of cloud computing. This study designed a system based on fuzzy logic and followed by an introduction of an efficient and precise algorithm for scheduling resources for improving the reliability of cloud computing. Waiting and turnaround times of the proposed method were compared to those of previous works. In the proposed method, the waiting time is equal to 26.99 and the turnaround time is equal to 82.99. According to the results, the proposed method outperforms other methods in terms of waiting time and turnaround time as well as accuracy

    Multiple Exciton Generation in Si and Ge Nanocrystals: An ab Initio Comparative Study

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    We have simulated multiexciton generation (MEG) processes in Si and Ge nanocrystals, employing the equation of motion coupled cluster single and double as a high-level ab initio approach. Simulations, consistent with the experimental results reported so far, reveal the key role of the d-polarized valence component in the chosen basis set on the accuracy and reliability of the results. Moreover, the MEG thresholds calculated with def2SVP basis set are ∼8.23(8.07) eV for seven (eight)-atom Si clusters and ∼7.58(6.84) eV for similar Ge clusters. The normalized MEG thresholds of Ge nanocrystals are 8% smaller with respect to Si. Thus, in contrast to Si, they are more appealing to the optical device designers for enhancing the device quantum efficiency. Furthermore, the resemblance of the symmetry of the simulated seven-atom clusters to those of the experimentally domelike grown nanocrystals makes the behavior of their MEG quantum probability similar

    Multi-Agent Coordination Fluid Flow Modeling and Experimental Evaluation

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    Reliability is a critical aspect of multi-agent system coordination as it ensures that the system functions correctly and consistently. If one agent in the system fails or behaves unexpectedly, it can negatively impact the performance and effectiveness of the entire system. Therefore, it is important to design and implement multi-agent systems with a high level of reliability to ensure that they can operate safely and move smoothly in the presence of unforeseen agent failure or lack of communication with some agent teams moving in a shared motion space. This paper presents a novel fluid flow navigation model that, in an ideal fluid flow, divides agents into cooperative (non-singular) and noncooperative (singular) agents, with cooperative agents sliding along streamlines safely enclosing noncooperative agents in a shared motion space. A series of flight experiments utilizing crazyflie quadcopters will experimentally validate the suggested model