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    Explode-decay dromions in the non-isospectral Davey-Stewartson I (DSI) equation

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    In this letter, we report the existence of a novel type of explode-decay dromions, which are exponentially localized coherent structures whose amplitude varies with time, through Hirota method for a nonisospectral Davey-Stewartson equation I discussed recently by Jiang. Using suitable transformations, we also point out such solutions also exist for the isospectral Davey-Stewartson I equation itself for a careful choice of the potentials

    Exponentially Localized Solutions of Mel'nikov Equation

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    The Mel'nikov equation is a (2+1) dimensional nonlinear evolution equation admitting boomeron type solutions. In this paper, after showing that it satisfies the Painlev\'{e} property, we obtain exponentially localized dromion type solutions from the bilinearized version which have not been reported so far. We also obtain more general dromion type solutions with spatially varying amplitude as well as induced multi-dromion solutions.Comment: 12 pages, 2 figures, to appear in Chaos, Solitons and Fractal

    Periodic and Localized Solutions of the Long Wave-Short Wave Resonance Interaction Equation

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    In this paper, we investigate the (2+1) dimensional long wave-short wave resonance interaction (LSRI) equation and show that it possess the Painlev\'e property. We then solve the LSRI equation using Painlev\'e truncation approach through which we are able to construct solution in terms of three arbitrary functions. Utilizing the arbitrary functions present in the solution, we have generated a wide class of elliptic function periodic wave solutions and exponentially localized solutions such as dromions, multidromions, instantons, multi-instantons and bounded solitary wave solutions.Comment: 13 pages, 6 figure