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    Aspects of noncommutative gauge theories and their commutative equivalents

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    We discuss some exact Seiberg--Witten-type maps for noncommutative electrodynamics. Their implications for anomalies in different (noncommutative and commutative) descriptions are also analysed.Comment: 3 pages; Invited talk at the 11th Regional Conference on Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, IPM Tehran, May 2004. To appear in the conference proceeding

    Covariant Anomalies, Horizons and Hawking Radiation

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    Hawking radiation is obtained from anomalies resulting from a breaking of diffeomorphism symmetry near the event horizon of a black hole. Such anomalies, manifested as a nonconservation of the energy momentum tensor, occur in two different forms -- covariant and consistent. The crucial role of covariant anomalies near the horizon is revealed since this is the {\it only} input required to obtain the Hawking flux, thereby highlighting the universality of this effect. A brief description to apply this method to obtain thermodynamic entities like entropy or temperature is provided.Comment: 5 pages; This essay was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Gravity Research Foundation essay competitio
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