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    Inclusion agglomeration in electrified molten metal: thermodynamic consideration

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    The effect of electric current on inclusion agglomeration in molten metal has been investigated. It is found that the agglomeration is dependent on the electric current density, distance between inclusions and orientation of electric field. Electric current retards the agglomeration unless two inclusions are aligned along or closely to the current flow streamlines and the distance between inclusions is less than a critical value. The mechanism is also validated in the computation of cluster agglomeration. The numerical results provide a comprehensive indication for the current-induced inclusion removal and current-induced inclusion elongation. When the inclusions are in long-thin shape, the calculation predicts the current-induced microstructure alignment and current-induced microstructure refinement phenomena

    Selected Essays on the Conflict of Laws. By Brainerd Currie.

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    Most subspace identication algorithms are not applicable to closed-loop identication because they require future input to be uncorrelated with pastinnovation. In this paper, we propose a new subspace identication method that remove this requirement by using a parsimonious model formulation with innovation estimation. A simulation example is included to show the effectiveness of the proposed method

    A Generic Conceptual Model for Risk Analysis in a Multi-agent Based Collaborative Design Environment

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    Organised by: Cranfield UniversityThis paper presents a generic conceptual model of risk evaluation in order to manage the risk through related constraints and variables under a multi-agent collaborative design environment. Initially, a hierarchy constraint network is developed to mapping constraints and variables. Then, an effective approximation technique named Risk Assessment Matrix is adopted to evaluate risk level and rank priority after probability quantification and consequence validation. Additionally, an Intelligent Data based Reasoning Methodology is expanded to deal with risk mitigation by combining inductive learning methods and reasoning consistency algorithms with feasible solution strategies. Finally, two empirical studies were conducted to validate the effectiveness and feasibility of the conceptual model.Mori Seiki – The Machine Tool Compan

    Public Law by Private Bargain: Title VII Consent Decrees and the Fairness of Negotiated Institutional Reform

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    Large-scale Title VII remedies are typical of public law litigation, which differs in kind from the conventional compensatory lawsuit. Title VII remedies are commonly adopted by way of consent decrees. By approving these consent decrees, federal courts take responsibility for extensive institutional reforms while acting independently of the adversary process. Courts have frequently approved consent decrees without fair hearings for those whose interests are at stake. Professor Schwarzschild suggests a systematic procedure for approving Title VII consent decrees. This procedure would not discourage settlements, but would ensure that courts act on the basis of fair hearings, consistently with the quasi-legislative character of public law remedies

    The significance of information visualisation based on the symbolic semantics of Peking Opera Painted Faces (POPF)

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    Peking Opera as a branch of Chinese traditional cultures and arts has a very distinct colourful facial make-up for all actors in the stage performance. Such make-up is stylised in typical cultural elements which all combined together to form the painted faces to describe and symbolise the background and characteristic of specific roles. The Peking Opera Painted Faces (POPF) was taken as an example to study the information visualisation and transmission, to see how information and meanings can be effectively expressed through the colourful visual elements. In order to identify the state-of-the-art in the related Culture Inspired Design as one of the design principles, the literature resources including illustrations of POPF were investigated, and also the semantic features and elements of other similar forms of modern design which has close connection with multiple aspects of social life. The study has proved that the visual elements of POPF played the most effective role in the information transmittion. Future application of this culture resource may include product design, interaction design, system design and service design around the world

    Universal attraction force-inspired freeform surface modeling for 3D sketching

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    This paper presents a novel freeform surface modeling method to construct a freeform surface from 3D sketch. The approach is inspired by Newton’s universal attraction force law to construct a surface model from rough boundary curves and unorganized interior characteristic curves which may cross the boundary curves or not. Based on these unorganized curves, an initial surface can be obtained for conceptual design and it can be improved later in a commercial package. The approach has been tested with examples and it is capable of dealing with unorganized design curves for surface modeling
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