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    Partial conservation of seniority and its unexpected influence on E2 transitions in g9/2g_{9/2} nuclei

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    There exist two uniquely defined v=4v=4 states in systems within a j=9/2j=9/2 subshell, which automatically conserve seniority and do not mix with other states. Here I show that the partial conservation of seniority plays an essential role in our understanding of the electric quadrupole transitions of the semimagic nuclei involving j=9/2j=9/2 subshells, including the long-lived 8+8^{+} isomer in 94^{94}Ru. The effects of configuration mixing from neighboring subshells on the structure of those unique states are analysed. It is shown that a sharp transition from pure seniority coupling to a significant mixture between the v=2v=2 and v=4v=4 states may be induced by the cross-orbital non-diagonal interaction matrix elements. Such strong mixture is essential to explain the observed E2 transition properties of N=50N=50 isotones 96^{96}Pd and 94^{94}Ru