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    On The Baxter's Q - Operator for the XXX Spin Chain

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    We discuss the construction of Baxter's Q-operator. The suggested approach leads to the one-parametric family of Q-operators, satisfying to the wronslian-type relations. Also we have found the generalization of Baxter operators, with defines the nondiagonal part of the monodromy.Comment: 15 pages, LATEX fil

    The Complex of Solutions of the Nested Bethe Ansatz. The A_2 Spin Chain

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    The full set of polynomial solutions of the nested Bethe Ansatz is constructed for the case of A_2 rational spin chain. The structure and properties of these associated solutions are more various then in the case of usual XXX (A_1) spin chain but their role is similar

    The Friedrichs-Model with fermion-boson couplings II

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    In this work we present a formal solution of the extended version of the Friedrichs Model. The Hamiltonian consists of discrete and continuum bosonic states, which are coupled to fermions. The simultaneous treatment of the couplings of the fermions with the discrete and continuous sectors of the bosonic degrees of freedom leads to a system of coupled equations, whose solutions are found by applying standard methods of representation of bound and resonant states.Comment: 13 page

    The arctic curve of the domain-wall six-vertex model in its anti-ferroelectric regime

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    An explicit expression for the spatial curve separating the region of ferroelectric order (`frozen' zone) from the disordered one (`temperate' zone) in the six-vertex model with domain wall boundary conditions in its anti-ferroelectric regime is obtained.Comment: 12 pages, 1 figur
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