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    Peristiwa mengenai kelahiran seorang anak manusia yang dihasilkan dari sebuah hubungan tanpa didasari ikatan perkawinan yang sah akan berdampak pada kedudukan sang anak, yang dalam ilmu hukum Perdata disebut sebagai anak tidak sah atau anak luar nikah. Bahkan dalam masyarkat terkadang dijuluki sebagai anak haram, anak zina, anak kumpul kebo dan semacamnya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menggali secara mendalam mengenai kedudukan hukum dan akibat hukum dari anak yang lahir diluar nikah kaitannya dengan perwalian dan pewarisan. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Hukum Normatif/Yuridis Normatif dengan merujuk kepada Undang-Undang No. 1 Tahun 1974 tentang Perkawinan

    Pembuatan Keramik Berpori Berbahan Baku Tricalcium Phospate dengan Metode Protein Foaming-Starch Consolidation

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    Porous Tricalciumphosphate (TCP) is a synthetic material that can be used as bone implant. Porous TCP production can be conducted by Protein Foaming-Starch Consolidation method that using yolk as an agent to form pore. This research aims to study the influence of process variables i.e time of sintering (1-3 hours), time of burning (1-3 hours) and mixing rate (100-200 rpm) toward physical, chemical and mechanical properties of porous TCP using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) also characteristic porous TCP. Analyzed respons were porosity, density and compressive strength. Product characteristic of TCP resulted of porousity was 69.71-81.88%, density was 0.569-0.951g/cm3 and compressive strength was 1.05-1.85 MPa. Data processing using second order model obviously seen from significant curvature. Significance level between variables can be seen from pvalue 0,05 which show that model was corresponding toward the result. R2 obtained were Y1 = 0.9383%, Y2 = 0.9384% , Y3 = 0.9674%. The most affecting factor significantly towards all the responses was time of sintering that followed by time of burning and mixing rate. Optimum condition was obtained at 3 hours time of sintering , 3 hours time of burning and mixing rate of 100 rpm with the optimum value of response for porosity by 70.56%, density by 0.92 gr/cm3 and compressive strength 1.66 MPa

    Iron Overload in Transfusion-Dependent Indonesian Thalassemic Patients

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    Thalassemia is a genetic disease caused by disruption of globin chain synthesis leading to severe anemia and thus regular blood transfusion is necessary. However, there have been known transfusions-related consequences, including iron overload and multi-organ damage. The aims of this study were to evaluate liver and cardiac function in youth and adult transfusion-dependent Indonesian thalassemic patients and to assess its correlation with serum ferritin levels, as well as T2∗magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Transfusion-dependent thalassemic (TDT) outpatients (n = 66; mean age, 21.5 ± 7.2 years) were carried out for the complete assessment consisting of blood test including liver enzyme and serum ferritin, followed by electrocardiography (ECG) and echocardiography. Subjects were also divided by serum ferritin levels into three groups: 5000 ng/mL. Additionally, subgroup analysis in patients with T2∗ MRI assessment was conducted. In terms of age of first blood transfusion, subjects with ferritin >5000 ng/mL were the youngest among others. The alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels in group with serum ferritin >5000 ng/mL were significantly higher than those of the group with serum ferritin 5000 ng/mL had significantly lower tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (TAPSE) when compared with those who had serum ferritin <2500 ng/mL. Similarly, TAPSE in patients with moderate cardiac siderosis based on cardiac T2∗ MRI was significantly lower than those without cardiac siderosis. There was significant, but only moderate correlation between serum ferritin and cardiac T2∗ MRI. Based on these findings, it is important to routinely monitor iron accumulation-related complications, including liver and cardiac damage in youth and adult TDT patients