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    It is a fact that since several decades television has become one one the most favourite medium for the audience. Television’s ability to hypnotise makes the audience do not reluctance to spend their time for hours in front of television. The variety of television programs become the alternative choice for the audience. Today, watching television as if a need for the people. The impacts are not only on the watching aspect, but it is also in content side. Television programming is like the truth and it should be convinced the audience. There is no restriction to watching television, but it will be better if people do not empower by television. The audiences should become empowered television viewers. Empowered in this case, the audience can choose and select an appropriate program which is matching with their need and using the television’s information as a modal to control their environment

    Kemiskinan Dan Pembangunan Pedesaan

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    and rural area like two sides of coins, one of each other can not be separated. I seems rural area always be connected with poverty, even though actually rural area has an incredible human and natural resources. If it is all managed well, the city will be left behind the rural. Many rural development programs have been done, but in the fact they have not able to answer and to give the best solution to poverty matter in rural area. According to the result of this study that phenomenon is at least caused by several things such as: the policy which is not enough to support agrarian sector, the limited of bargaining position into around environment, the limited ability of the country in creating and implementing development, and also strong principle of the people

    Pendekatan Pembangunan Dan Pengentasan Kemiskinan Di Pedesaan

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    There is no single term to explain exactly what poverty is. Some scholars argue that poverty is only deal with economic aspect, but others have different opinions. Poverty is multidimensional. Poverty is not just about how much income we have per day, but it is more complex rather than that. Poor is also like “a lable” that always follow the rural’s life. Many poverty alleviation programs including in rural areas have been done, but poverty is still exists. Poverty alleviation program is not only becomes the government responsibility. It takes other stakeholders participation, such as rural people and public sector. Their active participations have colored the rural poverty alleviation programs and will give positive impact to the success of the program. The involvement of many stakeholders in the rural poverty alleviation program as a result of the government policy which correlate to the development approach. Top down approach as a basis of the development policy makes the people are almost impossible to get involved on to the program because of the very big role and power of the government. On the other hand, bottom up approach gives a greater chance for the people and other stakeholders to participate in the development program including rural poverty alleviation. The government in some cases still has an opportunity to get involved but not as a dominant party. The weakness of this approach is, it needs longer time and process

    The Historical Process and Dynamic of Rural Coconut Sugar Industry Development in Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia

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    For many decades Banyumas has been a centre of coconut sugar production in Indonesia There are many aspects of the rural coconut industry in Banyumas that are worthy of further study such as production and distribution methods government policies and strategy relating to the coconut sugar industry as well as the role of extension The study found that rural coconut sugar industry in Banyumas Regency is very much a hereditary industry and today farmers still use the traditional processes for production In this regency there is a unique coconut sugar management model with some variants based on the agreements between coconut sugar farmer and the coconut tree owners The transparency of price creates a symbiosis of mutualism between the coconut sugar farmer and the warungs collectors Access to new media like mobile phones and the internet as well as the establishment of a cooperative have provided opportunities for coconut sugar farmers to expand into international markets Although this rural industry still faces some problems like low earnings and danger the coconut sugar farmers remain grateful for the income they earn and are dedicated to their profession Various extension programs have been implemented to improve the quality and quantity of coconut sugar produced in the region and safety measures have been introduced to protect farmers when tapping the neera coconut tree sa

    Kredibilitas Beauty Vlogger terhadap Minat Beli Brand Some By Mi

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    Bidang kecantikan dewasa ini banyak diminati oleh masyarakat, termasuk juga mahasiswa. Informasi mengenai bidang kecantikan dapat diperoleh di media YouTube melalui hadirnya para beauty vlogger. Salah satu beauty vlogger yang mendapatkan perhatian dari masyarakat dan dianggap memiliki kredibilitas adalah Suhay Salim.  Kehadiran konten vlog ini diduga memberikan dampak pada minat beli penonton terhadap produk Some By Mi. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengetahui pengaruh kredibilitas beauty vlogger Suhay Salim terhadap minat beli brand Some By Mi dikalangan mahasisiwa Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Unsoed. Metode penelitian menggunakan kuantitatif eksplanatif melalui penyebaran daftar pertanyaan kepada responden yang telah menonton video review Suhay Salim. Sampel penelitian  menggunakan sampel total, serta uji korelasi Pearson Product Moment dan uji signifikansi dipilih untuk menganalisis data. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan adanya pengaruh yang positif dan signifikan kredibilitas beauty vlogger Suhay Salim terhadap minat beli produk brand Some By Mi pada responden penelitian.&nbsp

    Pola Komunikasi Anggota Sanggar Seni Blakasuta Dalam Melestarikan Budaya Dalang Jemblung

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    Sanggar Seni Blakasuta merupakan forum komunikasi antar seniman yang berdiri sejak 9 Agustus 2016 dan beranggotakan 22 orang. Kekhawatiran akan merebaknya pengaruh budaya asing merupakan alasan berdirinya sanggar ini, selain sebagai sarana media komunikasi dengan masyarakat. Penelitian untuk mendeskripsikan pola komunikasi kelompok Sanggar Seni Blakasuta serta faktor penghambat dan pendukungnya. Penelitian ini menggunakan  metode kualitatif dengan Symbolic Convergence Theory dengan metode analisis tema (FTA). Pengumpulan data melalui wawancara mendalam dengan informan yang berasal dari dalam maupun dari luar Sanggar Seni Blakasuta. Analisis  data dilakukan melalui tiga  tahapan  yaitu  reduksi data, penyajian data dan penarikan kesimpulan. Analisis data menggunakan triangulasi sumber data. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat tiga pola komunikasi yaitu komunikasi sekunder, linear, dan sirkular. Faktor penghambat pola komunikasi Sanggar Seni Blakasuta terletak pada saluran, dan persepsi berdasarkan pengalaman, sementara persamaan bahasa yang digunakan merupakan factor pendukung. &nbsp