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    Catalan-like numbers and succession rules

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    The ECO method and the theory of Catalan-like numbers introduced by Aigner seems two completely unrelated combinatorial settings. In this work we try to establish a bridge between them, aiming at starting a (hopefully) fruitful study on their interactions. We show that, in a linear algebra context (more precisely, using infinite matrices), a succession rule can be translated into a (generalized) Aigner matrix by means of a suitable change of basis in the vector space of one-variable polynomials. We provide some examples to illustrate this fact and apply it to the study of two particular classes of succession rules.Comment: Submitted. The paper has been presented at the conference "Paths, Permutations and Trees", held in Tianjin, 2004, February, 25-2

    A closed formula for the number of convex permutominoes

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    In this paper we determine a closed formula for the number of convex permutominoes of size n. We reach this goal by providing a recursive generation of all convex permutominoes of size n+1 from the objects of size n, according to the ECO method, and then translating this construction into a system of functional equations satisfied by the generating function of convex permutominoes. As a consequence we easily obtain also the enumeration of some classes of convex polyominoes, including stack and directed convex permutominoes
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