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    Space-times produced by a time-dependent scalar field

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    Models of Lorentz/diffeomorphism violation frequently make use of a time-dependent scalar field. We investigate space-times produced by such a field.Comment: Presented at PASCOS Meeting 200

    Conformal Blocks for the 4-Point Function in Conformal Quantum Mechanics

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    Extending previous work on 2 -- and 3 -- point functions, we study the 4 -- point function and its conformal block structure in conformal quantum mechanics CFT1_1, which realizes the SO(2,1) symmetry group. Conformal covariance is preserved even though the operators with which we work need not be primary and the states are not conformally invariant. We find that only one conformal block contributes to the four-point function. We describe some further properties of the states that we use and we construct dynamical evolution generated by the compact generator of SO(2.1).Comment: Formula for 4-point function is corrected and generalize

    State Space for Planar Majorana Zero Modes

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    Zero modes arising from a planar Majorana equation in the presence of NN vortices require an N\mathcal{N}-dimensional state-space, where N=2N/2\mathcal{N} = 2^{N/2} for NN even and N=2(N+1)/2\mathcal{N} = 2^{(N + 1)/2} for NN odd. The mode operators form a restricted N\mathcal{N}-dimensional Clifford algebra.Comment: 6 pages, no figure

    Reducing the Chern-Simons term by a symmetry

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    Reducing a 3-dimensional Chern-Simons term by a symmetry yields other topologically interesting structures. Specifically, reducing by radial symmetry results in a 1-dimensional quantum mechanical model, which has recently been used in an analysis of finite-temperature Chern-Simons theory. The radially symmetric expression may be inserted into 3-dimensional monopole or (2+1)-dimensional instanton equations, where it eliminates the monopole or instanton solutions.Comment: Email correspondence to [email protected] ; 7 pages, REVTe

    Persistence of zero modes in a gauged Dirac model for bilayer graphene

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    A recently constructed model for low lying excitations in bilayer graphene exhibits mid-gap, zero energy modes in its Dirac-like spectrum, when a scalar order parameter takes a vortex profile. We show that these modes persist when the dynamics is extended by a gauge field interaction, which also renders finite the vortex energy. The effect of the gauge field on the zero energy wave function is to shift the phase of the (damped) oscillatory component of the wave function in the absence of the gauge field.Comment: 7 pages, no figure

    Cotton Blend Gravity pppp Waves

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    We study conformal gravity in d=2+1, where the Cotton tensor is equated to a--necessarily traceless--matter stress tensor, for us that of the improved scalar field. We first solve this system exactly in the pppp wave regime, then show it to be equivalent to topologically massive gravity.Comment: 6 pages. Dedicated to Andrzej Staruszkiewicz, a pioneer in d=3 gravity, on his 65th birthda

    Tutorial on Scale and Conformal Symmetries in Diverse Dimensions

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    We review the relation between scale and conformal symmetries in various models and dimensions. We present a dimensional reduction from relativistic to non-relativistic conformal dynamics.Comment: Addendum added that includes author S.-H. Ho; Sodano Fest, Perugia, Italy, January 201

    Conformal quantum mechanics as the CFT1_1 dual to AdS2_2

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    A 0+1-dimensional candidate theory for the CFT1_1 dual to AdS2_2 is discussed. The quantum mechanical system does not have a ground state that is invariant under the three generators of the conformal group. Nevertheless, we show that there are operators in the theory that are not primary, but whose "non-primary character" conspires with the "non-invariance of the vacuum" to give precisely the correlation functions in a conformally invariant theory.Comment: 6 page
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