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    Anger, Quality of Life and Mood in Multiple Sclerosis

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    This research was funded by The Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK).Peer reviewedPublisher PD

    Age-related differences in the ability to decode intentions from non-literal language

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    Copyright Β© 2019 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. We are grateful for the input of Megan Campbell and Ruth Filik in designing the stimuli, and we would like to thank Isla Donaldson and Hannah McDonald for carrying out some of the testing. Declarations of interest: none. This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.Peer reviewedPostprin

    Multiple sclerosis, emotion perception and social functioning

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    Funding Information: This research was supported by a PhD studentship funded by the Economic and Social Research Council through the Scottish Graduate School for Social Sciences, and a grant from the UK MS Society.Peer reviewedPostprin

    Visual attention, biological motion perception and healthy ageing

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    Open Access via Springer Compact Agreement This study was funded by a grant from the Development Trust to Karin S. Pilz and Louise H. Phillips.Peer reviewedPublisher PD

    An improved method for surface immobilisation of RNA: application to small Non-Coding RNA - mRNA pairing

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    Characterisation of RNA and its intermolecular interactions is increasing in importance as the inventory of known RNA functions continues to expand. RNA-RNA interactions are central to post-transcriptional gene regulation mechanisms in bacteria, and the interactions of bacterial small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) with their mRNA targets are the subject of much current research. The technology of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is an attractive approach to studying these interactions since it is highly sensitive, and allows interaction measurements to be recorded in real-time. Whilst a number of approaches exist to label RNAs for surface-immobilisation, the method documented here is simple, quick, efficient, and utilises the high-affinity streptavidin-biotin interaction. Specifically, we ligate a biotinylated nucleotide to the 3' end of RNA using T4 RNA ligase. Although this is a previously recognised approach, we have optimised the method by our discovery that the incorporation of four or more adenine nucleotides at the 3' end of the RNA (a poly-A-tail) is required in order to achieve high ligation efficiencies. We use this method within the context of investigating small non-coding RNA (sRNA)-mRNA interactions through the application of surface technologies, including quantitative SPR assays. We first focus on validating the method using the recently characterised Escherichia coli sRNA-mRNA pair, MicA-ompA, specifically demonstrating that the addition of the poly-A-tail to either RNA does not affect its subsequent binding interactions with partner molecules. We then apply this method to investigate the novel interactions of a Vibrio cholerae Qrr sRNA with partner mRNAs, hapR and vca0939; RNA-RNA pairings that are important in mediating pathogenic virulence. The calculated binding parameters allow insights to be drawn regarding sRNA-mRNA interaction mechanisms

    Adult age differences in using information from the eyes and mouth to make decisions about others' emotions

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    Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge the assistance of Christina Pomareda and Auste Simkute with data collection. Funding This research was supported by grants from the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ES/P005330/1), and from the Lily Charlton Trust.Peer reviewedPublisher PD

    Age Differences in Gaze Following : Older Adults Follow Gaze More than Younger Adults When free-viewing Scenes

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    Acknowledgements We thank Teodor Nikolov, Igne Umbrasaite, Bianca Bianciardi, Sarah Kenny, and Vestina Sciaponaite for assistance with stimuli selection and data collection. Funding details This research was supported by Grant RG14082 from the Economic and Social Research Council, awarded to Louise H. Phillips, Benjamin W. Tatler and Julie HenryPeer reviewedPostprin

    The role of social attention in older adults’ ability to interpret naturalistic social scenes

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    Funding This work was supported by a Discovery Project grant (DP150100302) from the Australian Research Council awarded to J.D.H. and L.H.P.Peer reviewedPostprin
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