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    Texts Less Travelled: The Case of Women Philosophers

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    This chapter discusses several possible reasons why works by women philosophers have traveled significantly less than those written by men, although women‚Äôs contributions go back to the start of European history of philosophy. Differentiating between geographic, linguistic, historic and philosophical travels, Tove Pettersen claims that gender is particularly significant with regard to historical and philosophical traveling. As the case of women philosophers clearly demonstrate, gender hampers the circulation of certain texts and inhibit transhistorical exchange of knowledge and ideas. ****** Che chapitre examine plusieurs raisons possibles pour expliquer pourquoi les Ňďuvres de femmes philosophes ont ‚Äúvoyage‚ÄĚ beaucoup moins que celle des hommes, bien que la contribution des femmes remonte au d√©but de l¬īhistoire europ√©enne de la philosophie. Distinguant entre plusieurs fa√ßons de voyager ‚Äď g√©ographique, linguistique, historique et philosophique ‚Äď, Tove Pettersen soutient que le ‚Äúgenre‚ÄĚ est un facteur particuli√®rement significative par rapport au voyage historique et philosophique- Comme le d√©montre clairement le cas des femmes philosophes, leur genre nuit √° la circulation de certains textes ainsi qu‚Äô√† l‚Äô√©change transnational du savoir et des id√©es

    Parental Income and Risk Behaviour as Determinants of Adolescent Health

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    The relationship between health and income among adults is well established. Adolescent health and parental income has not received the same attention. In this study we look at household income both as a direct determinant of adolescent health and as an important factor in relation to behavioural patterns among adolescents. The data used is from two surveys conducted in a Norwegian county (n=9 000, which accounts for 90 % of the age-group 13-19 in a Norwegian county). The results indicate that income works partly through some health-promoting behaviours but, still has a significant direct effect on adolescent health. We also find that high household-income does not cushion the effect of health-deteriorating behaviour, but it strengthens the probability that adolescents take part in physical activity. Household income is important in terms of increasing the probability that adolescents actively participate in sports and physical activity in general.

    Assessing the cost competitiveness of China’s Shipbuilding Industry

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    Cost has a significant impact on competitiveness within the shipbuilding industry. In China, low costs have created favourable conditions for domestic shipyards competing in the international market. However, China’s shipbuilders have been facing rising cost pressures in recent years, which may affect their industrial competitiveness. In this article, we assess China’s shipbuilding cost and its impact on the competitiveness of China’s shipbuilding industry. We make comparisons with China’s major competitors, South Korea and Japan, over the period from 2000 to 2009. First, we analyse principal factors that affect shipbuilding cost. Second, we examine the changes in China’s shipbuilding cost over the time period. Finally, we use shipbuilding cost and market share as the basis for analysing the competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry. The results reveal the sources and limiting factors of China’s cost advantage, as well as changes in its shipbuilding cost and competitiveness.Shipbuilding cost; industry competitiveness; China’s shipbuilding industry

    The Hydraulic Jump in Liquid Helium

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    We present the results of some experiments on the circular hydraulic jump in normal and superfluid liquid helium. The radius of the jump and the depth of the liquid outside the jump are measured through optical means. Although the scale of the apparatus is rather small, the location of the jump is found to be consistent with the assumption that the jump can be treated as a shock, if the surface tension is taken into account. The radius of the jump does not change when going down in temperature through the lambda point; we think that the flow is supercritical. A remarkable feature of the experiment is the observation of stationary ripples within the jump when the liquid is superfluid.Comment: Submitted to the proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics. 2 figure
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