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    A nonlinear elliptic problem with terms concentrating in the boundary

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    In this paper we investigate the behavior of a family of steady state solutions of a nonlinear reaction diffusion equation when some reaction and potential terms are concentrated in a \epsilon-neighborhood of a portion \Gamma of the boundary. We assume that this \epsilon-neighborhood shrinks to \Gamma as the small parameter \epsilon goes to zero. Also, we suppose the upper boundary of this \epsilon-strip presents a highly oscillatory behavior. Our main goal here is to show that this family of solutions converges to the solutions of a limit problem, a nonlinear elliptic equation that captures the oscillatory behavior. Indeed, the reaction term and concentrating potential are transformed into a flux condition and a potential on \Gamma, which depends on the oscillating neighborhood

    Valley polarization effects on the localization in graphene Landau levels

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    Effects of disorder and valley polarization in graphene are investigated in the quantum Hall regime. We find anomalous localization properties for the lowest Landau level (LL), where disorder can induce wavefunction delocalization (instead of localization), both for white-noise and gaussian-correlated disorder. We quantitatively identify the contribution of each sublattice to wavefunction amplitudes. Following the valley (sublattice) polarization of states within LLs for increasing disorder we show: (i) valley mixing in the lowest LL is the main effect behind the observed anomalous localization properties, (ii) the polarization suppression with increasing disorder depends on the localization for the white-noise model, while, (iii) the disorder induces a partial polarization in the higher Landau levels for both disorder models.Comment: 5 pages, 6 figures, extended version, with 2 new figures adde

    Childhood Maltreatment and BMI Trajectories to Mid-Adult Life: Follow-Up to Age 50y in a British Birth Cohort.

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    Childhood maltreatment including abuse and neglect has been associated with adult obesity, but evidence on life-course development of obesity or BMI gain is unclear. We aim to establish whether childhood maltreatments are related to obesity or BMI at different life-stages 7y-50y and to identify possible explanations for associations

    Adittional levels between Landau bands due to vacancies in graphene: towards a defect engineering

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    We describe the effects of vacancies on the electronic properties of a graphene sheet in the presence of a perpendicular magnetic field: from a single defect to an organized vacancy lattice. An isolated vacancy is the minimal possible inner edge, showing an antidotlike behaviour, which results in an extra level between consecutive Landau levels. Two close vacancies may couple to each other, forming a vacancy molecule tuned by the magnetic field. We show that a vacancy lattice introduce an extra band in between Landau levels with localization properties that could lead to extra Hall resistance plateaus.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures, few comments added after referees - accepted to publication in Phys. Rev.

    Passiv damping on spacecraft sandwich panels

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    For reusable and expendable launch vehicles as well as for other spacecraft structural vibration loads are safety critical design drivers impacting mass and lifetime. Here, the improvement of reliability and safety, the reduction of mass, the extension of service life, as well as the reduction of cost for manufacturing are desired. Spacecraft structural design in general is a compromise between lightweight design and robustness with regard to dynamic loads. The structural stresses and strains due to displacements caused by dynamic loads can be reduced by mechanical damping based on passive or active measures. Passive damping systems can be relatively simple and yet are capable of suppressing a wide range of mechanical vibrations. Concepts are low priced in development, manufacturing and application as well as maintenancefree. Compared to active damping measures passive elements do not require electronics, control algorithms, power, actuators, sensors as well as complex maintenance. Moreover, a reliable application of active dampers for higher temperatures and short response times (e. g. re-entry environment) is questionable. The physical effect of passive dampers is based on the dissipation of load induced energy. Recent activities performed by OHB have shown the function of a passive friction-damping device for a vertical tail model of the German X-vehicle PH脰NIX but also for general sandwich structures. The present paper shows brand new results from a corresponding ESA-funded activity where passive damping elements are placed between the face sheets of large spacecraft relevant composite sandwich panels to demonstrate dynamic load reduction in vibration experiments on a shaker. Several passive damping measures are investigated and compared

    Fusing Audio, Textual and Visual Features for Sentiment Analysis of News Videos

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    This paper presents a novel approach to perform sentiment analysis of news videos, based on the fusion of audio, textual and visual clues extracted from their contents. The proposed approach aims at contributing to the semiodiscoursive study regarding the construction of the ethos (identity) of this media universe, which has become a central part of the modern-day lives of millions of people. To achieve this goal, we apply state-of-the-art computational methods for (1) automatic emotion recognition from facial expressions, (2) extraction of modulations in the participants' speeches and (3) sentiment analysis from the closed caption associated to the videos of interest. More specifically, we compute features, such as, visual intensities of recognized emotions, field sizes of participants, voicing probability, sound loudness, speech fundamental frequencies and the sentiment scores (polarities) from text sentences in the closed caption. Experimental results with a dataset containing 520 annotated news videos from three Brazilian and one American popular TV newscasts show that our approach achieves an accuracy of up to 84% in the sentiments (tension levels) classification task, thus demonstrating its high potential to be used by media analysts in several applications, especially, in the journalistic domain.Comment: 5 pages, 1 figure, International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Medi