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    Ultraviolet properties of f(R)-Gravity

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    We discuss the existence and properties of a nontrivial fixed point in f(R)-gravity, where f is a polynomial of order up to six. Within this seven-parameter class of theories, the fixed point has three ultraviolet-attractive and four ultraviolet-repulsive directions; this brings further support to the hypothesis that gravity is nonperturbatively renormalizabile.Comment: 4 page

    Quantum Mechanical Breaking of Local GL(4) Invariance

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    We consider the gravitational coupling of a scalar field, in a reformulation of General Relativity exhibiting local GL(4) invariance at the classical level. We compute the one-loop contribution of the scalar to the quantum effective potential of the vierbein and find that it does not have GL(4) invariance. The minima of the effective potential occur for a vierbein which is proportional to the unit matrix.Comment: 9 pages, plain-TeX, no figure

    Asymptotic Safety

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    Asymptotic safety is a set of conditions, based on the existence of a nontrivial fixed point for the renormalization group flow, which would make a quantum field theory consistent up to arbitrarily high energies. After introducing the basic ideas of this approach, I review the present evidence in favor of an asymptotically safe quantum field theory of gravity.Comment: In "Approaches to Quantum Gravity: Towards a New Understanding of Space, Time and Matter", ed. D. Oriti, Cambridge University Press A sign corrected in eq. (1.4.7), a reference update

    RG flow of Weyl-invariant dilaton gravity

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    Any theory can be made Weyl invariant by introducing a dilaton. It is shown how to construct renormalization group equations for gravity that maintain this property. Explicit calculations are given only in the simplest approximation, namely for the one loop beta functions of a dilaton conformally coupled to a dynamical metric, but the results have wider validity. This formalism could be used to define the meaning of a theory with a position-dependent cutoff: it is equivalent to a theory with a constant cutoff, but a conformally related metric.Comment: To appear in New Journal of Physics. 20 page

    Yang-Mills vacuum structure and quantum gravity

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    Using renormalization group methods we calculate the derivative expansion of the effective Lagrangian for a covariantly constant gauge field in curved spacetime. Curvature affects the vacuum, in particular it could induce phase transitions between different vacua. We also consider the effect of quantum fluctuations of the metric , in the context of a renormalizable R2R^2 theory. In this case the critical curvature depends on the gravi tational coupling constants.Comment: Latex file, 8 page

    On Target-Space Duality in p-Branes

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    We study the target-space duality transformations in pp--branes as transformations which mix the worldvolume field equations with Bianchi identities. We consider an (m+p+1)(m+p+1)-dimensional spacetime with p+1p+1 dimensions compactified, and a particular form of the background fields. We find that while a GL(2)=SL(2)Ă—RGL(2)=SL(2)\times R group is realized when m=0m=0, only a two parameter group is realized when m>0m>0.Comment: 12 pages, plain TEX, SISSA 44/94/EP, CTP-TAMU-15/9
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