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    DIRAC Experiment and Test of Low-Energy QCD

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    The low-energy QCD predictions to be tested by the DIRAC experiment are revised. The experimental method, the setup characteristics and capabilities, along with first experimental results are reported. Preliminary analysis shows good detector performance: alignment error via Λ\Lambda mass measurement mΛ=1115.6MeV/c2m_\Lambda = 1115.6 MeV/c^2 with σ=0.92MeV/c2\sigma = 0.92 MeV/c^2, pπ−p \pi^- relative momentum resolution σQ≈2.7MeV/c\sigma_Q \approx 2.7 MeV/c, and evidence for $\pi^

    Enhancement of nuclear polarization with frequency modulated microwaves

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    Design, Performance, and Calibration of the CMS Hadron-Outer Calorimeter

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    The CMS hadron calorimeter is a sampling calorimeter with brass absorber and plastic scintillator tiles with wavelength shifting fibres for carrying the light to the readout device. The barrel hadron calorimeter is complemented with an outer calorimeter to ensure high energy shower containment in the calorimeter. Fabrication, testing and calibration of the outer hadron calorimeter are carried out keeping in mind its importance in the energy measurement of jets in view of linearity and resolution. It will provide a net improvement in missing \et measurements at LHC energies. The outer hadron calorimeter will also be used for the muon trigger in coincidence with other muon chambers in CMS